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Guide to Austin, TX

Alright, alright, ALRIGHT! We’re officially Austin-ites. Austinettes? Whatever you wanna call it we’ve been in Austin officially 6 months since moving our headquarters from San Francisco this summer. Crazy how time flies isn’t it? We’re all absolutely LOVING it here. People are friendly, houses are equally colorful, and to be honest y’all (yes, we’re saying y’all) we have a little more room to stretch our legs here office wise! It’s been an awesome move and while SF will always remain the city the party started in and one we’ll hold close to our hearts, this feels like a new chapter for us, one where we can really grow the way we want to on our terms.

So! Now that you’re caught up to speed on our new city we love, we figured it was only fair to share our weekend guide to Austin, Texas with you. You may remember we shared a Party Girl’s 24-hour guide to SF and it was one of our most popular blogs in 2016 – no joke! You guys apparently like knowing the knitty gritty “insider” tips to a city, so while it’s taken us a minute to get acclimated we have created THE best Austin Guide for Party Girls. From brunch to water activities we covered it all below! Peep em’, visit em’, and share your pics on Instagram with us when you visit by tagging us and using the hashtag #PackedPartyDoesTexas! Enjoy, bebs.

1) Josephine House: This tiny navy house holds some of the best ambiance in the city, not to mention the food is killer! Snag a booth outside if it’s warm and order their grilled pimento cheese sandwich. It’s just like your mom makes it…but way better. This restaurant leaves you full and feeling like you hopped out of a Nancy Meyers movie set. No lie – it’s that perfect.

2) Bribery Bakery: There are a few locations so make sure you visit their Mueller one if you’re here for a quick trip! The cookies, quiches, and coffee here are absolutely as good as the décor is cute. We’ve hosted a few events here in 2016 and definitely plan to continue the tradition this year! Instagram junkies make sure your phone is charged for this one…you’re going to be in photo heaven.

3) Licha’s Cantina: Everyone that comes to Austin wants that authentic Mexican food experience combined with again awesome ambiance so this lit up house is where you’ll want to be for dinner if either of those two are priorities for you. The margs here are insanely good, not to mention it’s a casual and fun atmosphere so you can grab a picnic table with your crew under the palm tree and hold court for a few hours! There’s a very good chance you’ll see someone from our team next to you.

4) Sawyer & CoSawyer & Co: THIS is the photo you saw on Instagram. The holy grail of Mad Men meets Brady Bunch diner. This all turquoise gem in East Austin is worth the drive just for the French toast alone. If it’s nice grab a booth outside, or if it’s rainy belly up to their retro bar inside. Our only complaint about this place is it’s not dog friendly for our party pets…woof.

5) Elizabeth St. Café: Yet another adorable Austin restaurant inside a house. Chances are good you’ve seen this spot on social media as people flock to take pics in front of their pink and turquoise door, but don’t just go for the photo…commit to the food! Go for dinner and order their coconut water margaritas, any of their banh mi sandwiches, or noodles. You can’t go wrong here!

6) Uchi: Sushi lovers head here. Make sure you make a reservation ahead of time because this spot gets packed! Not quite as colorful as some of the other places we’ve mentioned, but the food is insanely good and it has the “cool” vibe your dad is looking for when he comes to town and wants to buy you dinner.

7) Texas Honey Ham: OKAY. This little hidden gem is a favorite for our whole team. Whether you’re into ham, turkey, or just some home-made mac and cheese, this is your comfort food spot. Hungover, solo, or with a group, go here and pig out on any of their sandwiches, breakfast plates, or sides. We love lunching here! Check their times because they close early some days.

8) Cow Tipping Creamery: Think you’re a sundae expert? Head here. This place is known for its crazy sundae combos from cereal themed sundaes to s’mores and it’s worth the line. Go. Oh, and don’t forget to snap a pic of the drool-worthy creation because they’re equally as beautiful as they are tasty.

9) Walton’s Fancy & Staple: Walton’s is downtown in the middle of 6th street so a little tourist-y if you’re wanting to avoid all that, but we say get in the middle of it esp. for pastries. This spot is owned by Sandra Bullock (omg) so if you’re not going for lunch or a pastry just go and see if you can spot her! Rumor is she’s never too far.

10) Austin City Lemons: Picture a gigantic life-sized lemon, k? Now picture an adorable man in retro shades serving up hand-shaken lemonades out of it. From lavender to berry lemonades this spot is a local favorite and sits perfectly on South Congress. Definitely don’t miss this spot! Can’t ever go wrong with good lemonade.

11) Zilker Park: This enormous park is home to Austin City Limits music festival and so much more! Pack a picnic and head here with a blanket to people watch and “dog watch” (yes it’s a thing!) on a sunny day. Peak times for hundreds of dogs to be out are Saturday and Sunday mornings! This spot will cure all your puppy needs and have you wanting some random breed of dog you didn’t even know you needed.

12) Texas Rowing Center: While the word “center” sounds like it’s some massive place for expert rowers this spot is a tiny little walk-up shack on the side of the lake and anything but intimidating. No worries if you’re a first time rower, paddle boarder, or kayaker, the people here will get you and your friends out on the water in minutes! Parking is easy and prices are cheap too, so this is a great activity for small or big groups who want to cool off from the Texas heat.

13) Graffiti Park: This spot is slightly tourist-y but that’s what you’re here for, right? This park is FULL of graffiti just as its name states and is a great spot to explore if you’re into art. There are a few different levels or tiers to the park so make sure you walk through em’ all to not miss anything!

14) Texas State Capitol: You know the saying “Everything Is Bigger In Texas”, yeah. Our capitol here speaks to that – it’s HUGE! In fact, it’s taller than the capitol in Washington, D.C… not sorry. This sight isn’t far from campus so throw on some tennis shoes and walk around here.

15) University Of Texas: Surprisingly no one (yet) on our team went to UT. We’re sure that’ll change as we continue to grow, but we’ve had a ton of fun getting involved with the university. From attending sporting events or just walking campus, go take it all in when you’re checking out the capitol or hey, make a day of it and hit up anywhere on Guadalupe St. for some lunch…might we reco Torchy’s Tacos?

16) Beehive: Okay, shoppers…we didn’t forget you! While there are a ton of local boutiques in ATX that are awesome, we find ourselves gravitating to Beehive in Westlake most often. This spot has gifts, (yes, they carry our goodies but that’s not why they’re on here) awesome well-known and new brands, and an overall great vibe. Did we mention it’s dog friendly too?! Bonus points!

17) Uncommon Objects: Vintage junkies beware. This place is sensory overload…almost. This spot is located on South Congress so make sure you give yourself at least half an hour to walk through the entire store. They have everything from old cameras to books and everything in between. A must stop!

18) Love Mural: There are a TON of colorful murals in Austin (maybe that’ll be another post), but one we most often get asked about is the love mural. Not the “love you so much” one…this one says “Love Is The Question, Love Is The Answer” and not only is it crazy colorful, but it sits right next to Josephine House so if you head their for brunch pop over and take a pic while you wait! The address here is 115 W. Lynn St.

19) PP HQ: Oh you know, just us. We’d give you guys the address to come say hey, but, um, chances are it’s a disaster inside so we’ll stick to pop-ups around town for now! Check our instagram to make sure you don’t miss anything we’re doing in Austin.

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