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Feel Bedda Soon

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Curious what comes inside? Think things like a custom milk-chocolate bar complete with a sure-to-bring-a-smile saying, a pair of ultra cozy "you're beautiful, don't change" socks (because duh, we all need reminding), a custom tissue box because her bed-side table ought be chic, of course our favorite "Emergency Clown Nose", because the first step to Feeling Bedda is laughter, and of course our signature letterpress card stating what the party is, why it's being sent, and we sign it with your name to make it that much more personal. Meet your new favorite "Get Well Soon" package; we promise it'll make anyone Feel Bedda!

This package is the ultimate pick-me-up any sickling needs when she's singing the blues from her bed. Can we all agree that being sick is the worst? Soup, a teddy bear, or the always over-done flowers are kind of yesterday in the gift world, so we came up with our Feel Bedda package! What? You thought we'd just leave the word "Better" in the boring old saying "Feel Better"? That's not our style. We're the queens of fun after all and the word "Bedda" is simply "Bedda", okay Party Girl? 

Package Size: 8x8x3
Includes a letterpress card signed with your name
Signature Packages contain 4-5 full-sized items
Delivered as shown in navy blue package