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You Don't Need 'Em Anyway - Sold out!

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Curious what's inside? This package host things like an archery nemesis kit to shoot darts at your exes name, a fun "stay focused" patent leather pouch, hilarious "stop kissing frogs" candies, Elena Murzuzello's brand new book, "The Love List: Guide To Getting Who You Want", and of course our signature letterpress card stating what the party is, why it's being sent, and we sign it with your name to make it that much more personal! 

Break ups suck. We don’t really care who did the breaking up with who, the point is you might need a reminder that “You Don’t Need 'Em Anyway” and that reminder is coming straight to your doorstep in a fabulous navy format. Send this super fun break-up themed package to yourself or a friend going through this not-so-fun process, and laugh your way back to the top. See you on down the road, a$$hole! 

Package Size: 8x8x3
Includes a letterpress card signed with your name
Signature Packages contain 4-5 full-sized items
Delivered as shown in navy blue package