2019 Making Waves

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Oh hey! It's me, Jordan. Remember me? I haven't been on Insta much these days in an effort to try and be more present and heads down heading into the new year so I wanted to hop on here to share a quick look back at what I'm waving bye to in 2018 and what I'm opening my arms up to this upcoming year! It's you I'm here working so hard for so sharing what's been going on inside Packed Party is extremely important to me. You've been with me through this whole process so why not now back on the site that started it all, right? Breaking some radio silence over here, Party Peeps.

So where to start getting caught up? I turned 29 yesterday y'all. Don't eye roll me, I know, I know, 29 is young, but did you know I started Packed Party at 23 years-old? To say 2018 felt like the wildest year of my life would be an understatement. From a new office, to new team members, products, headaches, heartbreaks, laughs, growth, change, all of the things that come with growing a business I suppose but they just felt bigger this year. It's hard to quite put into words I guess. Maybe the difference was Packed Party's never felt like a "business" to me - it's always been me creating products for this community of friends online I built, but this year it started feeling like more of a "business" than ever because there's quite a few of you here now we have to account for. Yes, you, hi! Thank you so much for being here and sticking around these past 5 years. It is because of you I've been able to create jobs for women and men in Austin. It's because of you why we get to grace the shelves of people I idolized growing up, and you, most importantly you, that I am still designing products for everyday that make life a party. Don't worry that's not changing and never will. That's who we are at the core. People who celebrate life and look at the upside or find the fun in anything.

Finding the fun though this year was tough at times if I am being perfectly honest. Growth for me being a perfectionist meant a lot of pressure online to be something I am not. I am pretty private and I like keeping my life somewhat separate of Packed Party when so many Founders are their brand whether real or fake through social media. Yes, I am my brand, but I also (for my sanity) in five years have had to decide what's best for me and that recently meant spending more time picking my head up from my phone and getting off Instagram. Walking around and being inspired by the doorsteps and color in San Francisco cooked up what is this brand today so stepping away from my phone and Instagram personally in 2019 is something I am really excited about. My best ideas have never come from my phone, but instead from walking around visiting vintage stores or having conversations with friends about things they're trying to gift but can't ever find. As for Instagram I might be back in time, but for now I needed to focus on my favorite part of the business which is designing the products for you, connecting with others and creating meaningful partnerships and putting strategy into the business to better serve you! A lot of late nights go into every single product or decision we make here so the idea I'll be fully present and not checking my phone on the side is exciting for me. Do you ever have trouble truly disconnecting? All of the social media was making me feel like it was another check on my list as opposed to a creative outlet which is what I originally started using the platform for on a personal level. Don't worry though I'm still pinning things that inspire me on my personal board here you can find on Packed Party's Pinterest page.

I'm also waving bye to doubt in 2018. I struggled a lot with my identity alongside the brand and playing at times what felt like the comparison game. Know that game too? It can be a tough moment and I had a few of them this past year. The whole idea that businesses just "happen" to people is not true and it's funny to me after connecting with so many of you at events or over email that my story reads as though it just happened. It didn't. I promise. And I'm actually thrilled it didn't because I have learned SO much. If you're going through the "I wish I could be here" or when will "this" just happen already... don't. It's the nightmares that make you. The nightmares here at Packed Party or the headaches made the processes I use today. From product design to hiring. It's been a long road filled with as much difficulty as joy and to tell you I have not fought with every part of my being to be where I am today would be simply untrue. I came to realize in 2018 there will always be doubt surrounding you when you're doing something different or radical and in 2019 I can't hold on to the doubt. Why not jump in whole heartedly? You deserve the products as much as I deserve to design them and do what I love so why not all win together? Forgetting the doubt allows for creativity and that's where all the magic is.

Now for the fun stuff. The things I'm welcoming with open arms in 2019! We're kicking off this season with a surprise Valentine's Day party product I think you're going to love and it'll be a small preview into our brand new Making Waves collection we're debuting this Spring. Why Making Waves though? Is it a wave-themed collection? Beach themed? In short, no, no, and no. It isn't beach themed or have anything to do with actual waves at the beach. Our Making Waves collection is all about what we've done from the get go - make (big) waves and shake up the ordinary. We were the girls long ago drinking from disco balls, throwing confetti before it was "cool" and finding ways to physically carry it with products like our Everything Pouch first. We like to think of ourselves as extra here or disruptors if you're into the business side of things. I like doing things that have not been done and doing them in a special way. That's what this new collection is all about. Being bold and doing things a little differently. This collection uses one of my long-time favorite materials from when I used to make lampshades in college (true story) and so perfectly fits into bringing the party wherever you go with the bright colors and "different" feel of the designs. We really pushed ourselves to do more this season and I'm proud to hit your doorsteps and see how you party with all the new come Spring.

Not only am I welcoming a brand new collection in 2019, but I'm welcoming help. That's right I want to ask more for help and I feel more confident than I have in the past that help or rather asking for it is the only way I can get to where I'm going. By building more ways to party for you! Asking for help can be scary at times, but recently I pushed myself to ask for help in areas of my business I thought people might be "annoyed" or bothered to assist and was extremely surprised. People love feeling important and celebrated and sharing their knowledge is a piece of that I have learned. So find me asking away in 2019. Speaking of help did you know we are hiring more hands to join our team right now at Packed Party? Check out our open roles here.

There's so much more I'm welcoming in 2019 from presentness personally and professionally to traveling more (doesn't everyone say they want to travel more the next year?) to be inspired I have a lot to knock out this year. I feel more excited though and better than ever to take on new challenges in the days ahead and can't wait to share more of what's happening here behind the scenes in a weekly update.

Thank you (as always) for growing with Packed Party and me personally here through the years! Seeing you spread the word about the fun that's this brand like it's a song you're hearing for the first time or even something as small as a like on social media means the world to everyone here. We're doing this for you. I am doing this for you, my friend. Please send any and all feedback my way as we continue to grow. I'm going to make a few mistakes I'm sure, but I can promise you they'll always be an effort to give you the best gifts out there for yourself or those you want to start the party for with something fun and out of the ordinary.

Here's to our biggest year yet!

With So Much Love,