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Coming Soon: NEW Summer Collection

Summer is in full swing here in Austin, and you know what that means - our NEW Summer Collection is about to drop! That’s right, we’ve got NEW confetti dropping this week and truly can’t wait. Our team has been working hard on these products and are so excited to finally release them out into the wild! 

We’ve heard y’all ask for more backpacks and are excited to say that we’re releasing THREE new backpacks this week plus lunch boxes, Everything Pouches, and more accessories perfect for summer adventures, school, and beyond. But perhaps the most exciting part is that we’re launching two new confetti mixes!

With our new “Party Like a Unicorn Confetti,” we were inspired by light lavender hues and a demand for more unicorns in our collections! (can you believe we’ve never officially done them before?)  This new confetti mix features blue and purple confetti shaped like unicorns and butterflies - talk about magical! 

Of course, we know y’all are OBSESSED with pink, and so are we! Pink is everywhere in our products, from Holiday to Fall to everything in between! Our new “Sweet Tart” confetti is the BRiGHTEST pink we’ve created yet, with neon pops, watermelon tones and mouth watering bubblegum shades galore! Simply put, it's deliciously cute - just like a SWEET TART!

Catch a sneak peek of the collection below and make sure to check it out when it launches on June 6th! 

A hand reaches in to grab a pink glitter water bottle. Next to the hand is two food storage containers of different sizes, with the larger container holding an apple inside. Next to the food storage containers are two lunchboxes. One is pink and one is purple; both are filled with confetti in their respective colors. Under the two lunchboxes is another pink glitter water bottle and chalk. A child in a white top and denim skirt stands in front of pastel locker. She is holding a clear vinyl lunchbox and backpack with purple confetti. Zoom in on the purple, pink and silver "Sweet Tart" confetti. Several backpacks and school supplies are strewn about on a white background. There are three backpacks: one purple confetti, one pink confetti and one white and pink knit with colored smiley faces on it. There are also two sticker sheets, a pink confetti clipboard, a purple confetti pouch and several pens, markers and crayons surrounding the backpacks.Two women stand back to back, with the photo only show the back of their heads. On the left, the person with brown hair is wearing a white bow claw clip and on the right, the blonde is wearing a pink claw clip.

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