Daylight Save Me Time

Posted by Packed Party Team on


Earth to you, boo! Daylight Savings Time is just around the corner. Yep, it's this Sunday, March 10th! You ready or what? Most of the time if we're being totally honest we remember the next day staring blankly at our oven clock confused why we're so.damn.exhausted. This year though we thought we'd get a head-start on reminding you and giving you 3 tips for quite literally saving time in the morning when you're heading out the door. We're crazy busy people here at Packed Party and have better things to do than be bogged down with nightmare mishaps so we've learned a few tricks as the years have gone by for getting out the door (and quickly!) to save time. Here are our top three tips:


1) SET YOUR CLOTHES OUT! Yep, outfit planning may seem slightly elementary but it's super helpful when *inevitably* things come up the day of. If you're anything like us you don't make your best decisions in a pinch so handling the things that can be most difficult (like picking an outfit) in the morning ahead of time is key. We go as far as setting out the hair tie no one in the office will have out on our nightstand when planning ahead. Trust us on this one, it'll save you time to eat some breakfast, grab a coffee, and catch up with your mom while you're headed where you need to go.


2) MEAL PREP, BABY: Again, seems silly but snag a cute set of tupperware you're incentivized to whip out of your cabinet and get to chopping come 9:00 the night before. We love the Every Girl Blog this blog for easy and quick lunch recipes that aren't too heavy for working all day. Having something already packed and ready to grab can save you up to half an hour in throwing something both a mess and gross together. Meal prepping doesn't have to be intimidating or a drag with the right supplies. Your time is precious let's remember!


3) SET YOUR ALARM SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN YOUR BEDROOM! Yes, we're talking about your bathroom, kitchen if you're in an apartment, or even closet just so you can hear it! Putting your alarm in another room forces you to get up the first time it goes off instead of simply silencing the pesky thing. Do we even need to go into how much time this will save you? No comment. You already know you need to and we'll leave it at that.


These three tips could seem pretty straight-forward, but let them serve as gentle reminders not from your mother about ways to make more time for you. Making time for you could mean stopping at that coffee shop you've only talked about on your way into work, plucking your nasty eyebrow that grows in heavier than the other, you know...the important stuff. Cheers to saving time for you!