FAll 2018: Fall In Love With Sequins

Posted by Packed Party Team on

Been a minute since we've hopped on our blog to share something new! I made a promise to myself in the last few weeks to start getting back on our blog bi-weekly to talk about what all is happening at Packed Party, so what better time than now to circle back than with the roll out of Fall 2018 tomorrow? Buckle up. There's a lot heading your way this season and I want to give you an idea of the why behind it all. Yep, everything we do has a reason here. Gotta party with purpose!

Okay, okay, Fall. You saw our new planners we created and launched a few weeks ago, right? Yep, they were the first trickle (sort of) into "pre-fall" goodness that's happening here and debuted our new favorite form of confetti this season: sequins!


For as long as I can remember I've loved a sequin. A sequin embellish on a little paper plate craft, a sequin dress, earring, really anything sequin stuck out to me, but it sort of always felt like the boring step sister when I started Packed Party 5 years ago. Confetti felt so much more fun, easy, small, you get it. My sequin idea got put on hold about a year ago with the rise of our Everything Pouch and entire now signature confetti line. Whoa. You guys loved it. So this season I was extremely excited to bring my forgotten friend back into the spotlight. First of course with the planner I mentioned, but tomorrow now with our notebook and its complimentary Done & Done friend.

In sitting down with our designer and knowing we wanted to infuse sequins into this whole line, we knew we couldn't physically put sequins the way we wanted to portray them on our products, so drawing them in a realistic but whimsical way was what we needed to do. Naturally this was somewhat of a challenge. Getting the perfect color scheme, level of detail, and of course adding gold foil took a few tries to get right, but we managed to knock the task out - and had a helluva lotta fun doing it I should add too.

I'm someone who appreciates my accessories not exactly matching, but complementing one another well. This thought was carried through in designing our other sequin and desk items you'll see slowly start launching after tomorrow's big notebook roll out.

I hope *as always* you love everything! We've been in some madness here hiring a few new positions you might have seen too through our social channels, so if you know someone that loves sequins as much as me..send 'em my team and I's way.

Keep Partying,