Fall Soup Horoscope

Posted by Packed Party Team on

Fall's in full swing officially here in Austin with cooler temps having finally arrived so we're digging into all the cozy warm things including SOUP! Who doesn't love some warm soup on a chilly day? We had (of course) a very in-depth discussion here recently at HQ about our team's favorites and decided people's soup choices have a lot to do with just who exactly they really are. Deep stuff happening here while we party, y'all. Deep stuff. Pick your favorite soup and see if it best matches your personality! We had quite the variety here. Happy Fall, Party Girls!

Tomato Basil:

Bold, saucy best describes your personality, likes dancing - particularly being dipped, prefers reds and pinks, earthy, rich or getting rich is in your DNA

Chicken Noodle:

Steady, child at heart, easy-going, homebody, friendly, and may even be salty at times

Broccoli Cheddar:

Spunky, semi-healthy, knows what she likes, cuddly, nurturing, and a little bit on the cheesy side


Authentic, outgoing, likes to travel, funny, creative, and definitely a go-getter

Chicken Tortilla:

Wears many hats well, likes the outdoors, positive, starts the party, loves her family, and likes a little kick


Kind, enjoys celebrating others with surprises, sassy, loud, a little bit country, has a great laugh, not afraid to share, and very hard-working

French Onion:

Sweet, likes having a sidekick, deep, big heart, and will never stir the pot

Veggie Soup:

Down to earth, works well with others, enjoys the mountains, traditional on a lot of things, and can also pull off a chunky knit well