Find Me In Navy

Posted by Packed Party Team on

Hey, it's me, Jordan. Have we met yet? No? I'm the founder of Packed Party. I prefer mustard over ketchup, love dogs, eh, really animals of all sorts, packaging of any kind, and sitting on my couch with all my girlfriends watching Netflix opposed to being at a random bar. Phew, now that we've been properly acquainted I thought I owed you a bit of an explanation behind Packed Party and why I chose NAVY of all colors to represent a company about starting a party. Say wha?

A few people recently pulled me aside and asked me about why I chose the color navy to represent Packed Party when there are so many colors out there to choose from. Sure, yes, I like navy as a color, and did wear it quite often before I started Packed Party, but for a girl who's constantly sporting it now and declaring it hardly a shade of blue on all of Packed Party's social platforms, I felt like I had a bit of explaining to do. How can I say this? Navy is everything to me. Let me repeat that, navy is and even more so Packed Party. Why though?

The answer is simply this: The color navy works well on anyone. There's no one I've met that says "I look terrible in navy" of all colors. Think about it for a moment. Packed Party is the same in the way that we strive to work well with anyone no matter what the situation - anyone can use our packages to cheer themselves up and that's really cool to me. No matter your age, demographic, background, or situation, the idea that we can all come together to smile or laugh over one thing is sort of awesome. The same person who is getting our You Don't Need Him Anyway, mourning the loss of her three-week long relationship could be receiving the same package as someone who just got out of a five-year relationship. Two totally unrelated people on opposite sides of the country bonding over this gift without even actually knowing one another. They both share the same joy for something.

What else though about the color navy? It's confident. Anyone can go with a standard black something, but it takes a bit of boldness to rock navy and there's even that element of surprise when you figure out it is in fact navy and not black. Everyone's double checked or taken a closer examination of something only to say, "Wait, is this navy or black?" I personally have always smiled when I find out it's navy, but hey, that's just me.

Navy has that same element of surprise when you realize it's on your clothes that we do with the contents our packages. You never quite know what you're going to get inside your package and that's exciting. Embrace the surprise, okay? No really, do, it's good for you to keep some mystery in your life. Not many things out there are left a surprise, so when I created Packed Party I knew I wanted to keep contents somewhat of a surprise as to add to the fun of sending and receiving.

Overall, navy is of course in the "blue" family, but it's not actually blue at all to me. When you think of the "blues" you think of course of sadness and Packed Party's navy is anything but. Our navy is fun, hopeful, and exciting when you see it on your doorstep. Just like the word Packed Party is commonly associated with being at a crowded party, and we're all about promoting a party for one, navy is usually associated with being sad or having the blues and Packed Party is anything but. See we're flipping everything on its head. Meet your new favorite color.