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Five Books We're Dying To Read This Spring

Best Books for Spring 2019


With the arrival of Spring in Austin, we're craving any reason to spend any and all of our days outside when the weekends come around. There's something super relaxing about cracking open a book, slathering on some new sunscreen you spent way too much on and getting lost for a few hours in the pages. Can we get an amen?


Finding a book you're going to not be able to put down though can be tough pending your circumstance. If you're not feeling work you're probably not looking for a how-to business book, you probably want to think about someone else's drama or something lighter, and if you are feeling work you may want an extra little boost of creativity of inspiration. After some team discussions here are five books that are the perfect mix between both to satisfy a need for a little inspiration, drama, and happy feels.


Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi: This new book by Oyeyemi is a creative story about a woman and her mother and their family tradition of making gingerbread. This book came out with weird timing because a few of us were talking about why gingerbread was always in children's stories (and the fact we loved it) and this book was inspired by just that idea! It's wildly charming, sweet, and deep-rooted in family tradition. You'll love reading this on a blanket in the sun this season!


The Peacock Emporium by JoJo Moyes: Yeah, yeah, we know you love her from Me Before You, but this is a whole new cast of characters equally intriguing and based in the 60s. The main character has a big past she's hiding from and you get to watch it unfold inside her Peacock Emporium aka her coffee bar and little gift shop of things. Definitely an easy read that's a page-turner, beb.


The Bride Test by Helen Hoang: This book is about an extremely successful but socially awkward man who's mother is determined to find him the perfect bride. She goes great lengths after meeting a single-mother who's cleaning bathrooms in Vietnam and just knows she is the woman for her son. Can you force love though? Guess you'll have to read the book to see! This was a quick and fun read for some of the females in our office who love a good love story that'll leave you smiling. 


The Game Of Work by Charles A CoonradtA quick read about how to make work feel like play and integrate things like scorekeeping and goal setting in a fun way. Whether you're the CEO or a team member driving sales or operations this book is for anyone in any work environment and feels extremely relatable. A few people on our sales team read this and we immediately implemented fun score keeping ideas based on this book!


Shoe Dog by Phil Knight: This memoir by Nike founder and CEO Phil Knight is an office favorite here. A quick and fast-paced read about how he started the company that will leave you both inspired and wanting to challenge the norm while you hustle to make it happen. Most people in our office have read this book at least once maybe twice they've loved it so much and it never fails to come up when we're talking must-read books here!


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