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Go, Girl, Go!

So! As many of you know March is Women’s History Month! This is the perfect time to step back and reflect on all the bad a$$ women that came before us and started the party in their lives and in other people’s. Fearless, confident, and kind these women before us are worth celebrating and reminding our friends and ourselves that we too can make a difference out there as females.

Not to be too preachy, but we truly LOVE this month and all that it celebrates as a predominantly female brand. We genuinely believe you yourself control each day and can make it as good or bad as you choose. Life’s the party, it’s just if you show up or not! That’s what we’re all about here at PP, starting the party for yourself or someone else by celebrating the small things with our unique gifts. Spreading joy and positivity is the foundation of our entire company so creating new gifts that fall under this category makes our hearts sing!

So now that you have a full visual of how we feel about creating gifts AND Women’s History month, you can imagine how we felt when our friends over at Soap & Glory reached out to us to work together to celebrate all that this special month means!

Seriously! It’s not every day a brand you’ve been using since you were in your early teens rings the office phone. Their products, if you haven’t tried them already, are all so quality and…did we mention well-branded!? Coming up with the perfect gift you could treat yourself or someone who inspires you this month to with this package was our goal. A mix of pampering products from them and a few party goods from us make this the perfect female first sentiment. A touch of encouragement, self-love, jewelry, and of course ALL of the below Soap & Glory goods for only $58.00 seemed like a pretty awesome treat to us.

Our hope with this party is you’re confident enough to send one to yourself or kind enough to share this with another female that really inspires you in your daily life! We’ll even add a small hand-written note too for the extra little something you might wanna say to her. Enjoy and cheer’s Party Girls! We’re all on this ride together so let’s have a little fun, k?

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