Here Come the Holidays!

Posted by Packed Party Team on

While it was just Halloween, the holidays are in full swing here at HQ! What’s that you say!? You’re not into celebrating early!? No biggie, you don’t have to quite yet but you sure as heck should be in the know about what’s about to go down here so you can plan your gifts accordingly!

Pull your screen a little closer because this is good…like real good. We’ve been working so so hard here to roll out a few new products this holiday season as we have evolved who Packed Party is and created even more gifts and products that make life a party! You ready? Hope so because we’ve been dyin’ to share.

This year we’re rolling out a new two-pack carrier case for Disco Drinks you can see here! Pretty fun, huh? We’re also bringing back our popular and seasonal gold! Remember how it sold out in less than 2 weeks last year!? Whew. That was nuts. The carrier case and gold Disco Drinks will both be live on our website to purchase Nov. 13th! Make sure your calendar’s marked.

Yeah, yeah, Disco Drinks we know they always steal all the thunder and we can't complain because we're equally obsessed but this next item is a WOW! On Nov. 14th, yep the very next day, we'll be rolling out our mini holiday DIY trees! Say hello to our Desk The Halls holiday trees complete with a 11 inch faux tree, a set of 18 pom ornaments, a star tree topper, custom tinsel, and don't forget a mini chalkboard and chalk too so you can leave a message of your choice for however's lookin'! Pretty cute, huh!? The perfect gift to decorate your desk (duh), give as a Secret Santa, you-name-it. This party product is for the girl who had her tree up on Halloween.

While we’ve got you looking at your calendar you should also know the following Monday, Nov. 20th we’ll be rolling out SOCKS! We’ve been working like mad women on these and are so excited to stick our party toes in the apparel water. We did sweatshirts if you remember last year, so after tons of feedback from you all on what you wanted to see from us socks seemed to be the answer! Stay tuned for more deets on these. Whether you’re a sock person or not, there’s a 99% chance you’re gonna love the uniqueness and fun that these are! The perfect little gift for yourself or a friend this holiday season.

Okay, if you can believe it there’s ONE MORE holiday item we’ll be rolling out this year and we can hardly wait to share this one with you! If you’ve noticed in the last 6 months things have been pretty confetti heavy over here…and we’re not sorry about it. Confetti is a huge piece of our brand. It’s happy. It’s celebratory. We simply love it and apparently you all do too with the success of our Everything Pouches and other confetti items. This final holiday item is one.for.the.books. trust us. Anticipation killing you? US TOO. Here goes…On Monday Dec. 4th we’ll be rolling out a BRAND NEW CONFETTI BUCKET BAG! She’s huge. She’s got more confetti than ever. More gold hardware. Double reinforced to hold more. Basically we made the holiday bag of your dreams. The perfect bag for everyday use, commuting, that winter getaway trip you’ve had planned, or just to put a ton of fun gifts inside and give as one big gift bag this season to someone you love.

That was a lot. Told you! We’ll put the dates again below so your calendars are marked, and as always feel free to reach out to us with any and all questions. We’re just an email away bebs. Oh, oh, and make sure you’re signed up for our email list if you’re not yet already to be in-the-know on any and all holiday announcements!

Now let’s kick off the holiday season (or kinda all you patient waiters)!