Holiday 2019 Starts Tomorrow!

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Get your stretchy pants...and carts ready! The holidays are officially HERE y'all! Well, officially at least on our site come tomorrow morning at 7 am CST. Similar to last year we'll have an entire week of launches with some old favorites (yes...light cups are coming back!) and brand new products from us that party too launching each and every day.


When we started designing this collection we took a ton of feedback around items you all really wanted from us last year! Remember all those Instagram Stories asking!? We take your feedback seriously. Our goal was to create a gift for any kind of person on your list (ehh, except for maybe your dad) from your bestie to your coworker, mom, sister, secret santa, holiday hostess gift. We really tried to cover it all with this new holiday collection and I feel like we more then delivered. 


The official schedule is below around what's launching and when, but I thought I'd lay out how I'm gifting each of these products and to who on my list this season too below in case you needed a little extra inspiration. 




Okay, so now that you're in-the-know around each product and the day it's dropping can we talk about the SNOWGLOBE we made? Yes, that is a literal snowglobe cup you can shake up and drink out of just like the one you had as a little girl! Now of course the choice is your's to fill it with something naughty or nice. What will you do!? I've already been dreaming up all the cocktails I'm putting in mine and serving at a holiday happy hour. I just love these! When I tell you the devil is in the details on these I mean it. We spent countless hours nailing down everything on this one-of-a-kind tumbler to the colors of the confetti to the size, art on the inner chamber, font, you-name-it we were over here agonizing over it, hah. You could say we're a little obsessive about creating the perfect gifts.


With the success of our Holiday Light Cup last year we knew we needed to do it up big again. If you remember, these sold out in less than an hour on our site and it was madness. I didn't even get one. Not joking with you! It was wild over here last year. This all to say, make sure your calendars are marked and your alarm is set because once all these products are gone...they're done. Yep, no restocks on anything we're launching this coming week so please don't make us be the jerks that have to tell you we can't deliver your favorite product because we don't have it in stock! If you're signed up for our email list already then consider yourself ready to rock and roll.


Here's what's all launching and how I'm gifting this year below:
Snowglobe Sipper: For the bar cart or holiday obsessed junkie who loves a fun novelty cup to cheers with. I'm gifting these to some of my best girlfriends and putting candy + crinkle paper in the cup when I deliver them so it feels extra festive and fun.


Tea Towels: We made tea towels a few years back and they sold out quick so I'm excited to bring these back and gift them to all my foodie friends who feel most comfortable in the kitchen. I'm actually already prepping to gift the Ho Ho Ho one with the storage set below complete with holiday cookies inside to my soon to be mother-in-law this year as a little pre-holiday happy something.
Cookie Cutters: These were actually something quite a few of you asked for from us last year and because we do nothing ordinary over here it felt only right to do a full alphabet set. I love that these double not only as cookie cutters but also as little cutters for fruit you can pop in a fun and festive cocktail. I love hosting for the holidays so I actually got these for myself (duh). I'm excited to create personalized cocktails with people's names spelled out in fruit on a skewer. I'm semi-over-the-top (knowledge is power) so I'm taking honey dew and stamping out people's names, popping them on a skewer, and putting them into holiday cocktails. Can you tell I've been planning this out in my own head? Such a great gift on these and the packaging looks like a little oven. It's almost too much. Almost :)
Storage Sets: Last year I found myself gifting a ton of holiday cookies randomly once December hit and I had nothing cute to stick them in that didn't feel like my grandmas tupperware or a Ziplock container. There was no real middle ground when it came to cute storage sets, so, well...we created them! This set is under $30 and is AWESOME for anyone who loves to bake, is a pink-lover like myself, or is into sweet treats. These are adorable and I'm not just saying that because we designed them. Anyone having me over this holiday season will be getting one of these full of all my favorite treats.
Holiday Light Cups: While this cup doesn't need much of an explanation I am excited to gift one of these bad boys to myself (finally, not kidding), and to our team here. I am into cute puns so I've already decided I'm putting little tags on these that say "Thanks For Being Such A Light To Work With!" and setting them up on desks. Pretty cute, right? These, like a lot of this stuff though can really be gifted to anyone.
Holiday Light Cup Mini Set: If we've met then you know I'm obsessed with anything and everything miniature. I can't help myself! It's no surprise we designed these itty bitty 12 oz versions of our regular 24 oz sized Holiday Light Cup and in vintage colors too. How fun, right!? These are so cute it hurts. I keep the blue one on my desk because I love it so much, it's true. This set comes in a box that actually was designed with a "To" and "From" gift tag drawn on the top so you can easily write in whomever's name you're gifting to and hand it over. I'm gifting this to my soon to be sister-in-law who too loves anything mini and also am giving a set to my smaller cousins. These are real crowd pleasers and I love the fact the packaging is so cute and festive you can skip messing with the wrapping paper.



Hope you're as excited as we all are here at HQ for all these new products to drop! It's going to be a WILD week so again, make sure you're signed up for our email list and in-the-know on what's dropping and when so you don't miss a thing.


Cheers to the most wonderful time of the year!