How It Came To Be: Fall 2019 OH MY STARS

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Oh My Stars Collection

If you’re reading this you are officially in-the-know about our brand spankin’ new Fall 2019 Collection dubbed Oh My Stars. Where to begin on the story behind this line? Perhaps the of re-doing the stars 32x only to ensure they felt perfect? Or maybe the sweater that inspired the colors in the line? My mom’s favorite saying? You pick, Party Girl. They’re all tiny pieces and stories that weave together to make this line the magical (yes, literally) collection it is. 

When we started designing our Fall 2019 line we went straight to the colors first. What look were we after? A rich cranberry with pops of pink? Chocolate? Velvet textures? A hundred things raced through my mind when we initially sat down as a team and looked at what our options were. Like most things in life, when you put too much pressure on yourself or think of something in a massive wave it can seem intimidating. This collection initially was just that. I had an idea of the direction I wanted to go, but with a few setbacks on the materials side, I made a few pivots that turned out to be the now core of our line. Terrifying, yes, but also quite magical now looking back. 

With the setbacks, I needed to finally let-go of a concept I was hell-bent on and hit the basics. Problem was, the basics aka selecting a color was tough for me this time around. I played with tons and tons of color swatches and finally one night saw a sweater in a photo I loved and thought, okay, these are my colors, and this is what I am doing. Note – there are zero sweaters in this line. See the sweater in the inspiration pic? Yep, this little guy was the first photo that allowed me to piece all my concepts and colors swirling in my mind in one place. Crazy how the creative process works for different people, right? Once I decided on our core colors I ran with the idea of a “fresh start” for fall. 

Oh My Stars Collection Lifestyle

Back to school and August to me were always this chance to refresh with a new schedule, a few new outfits, and this magical feeling of “anything can happen”. Flash forward today as a nearly thirty-year-old and I still have the same feeling come this time of year. No, I’m not going back to school, but I still, like anyone have this chance to sort of go back to “cool” and update or refresh myself. After deciding on some of the colors that served as the foundation of the line, I had a conversation with my mom about designing products as a little girl. No joke, as a elementary school girl my mom would bribe me to behave by assuring me she’d show my “fashion designs” to someone at the Dallas Clothing Market where she went from time to time for work. Yep, while most first graders were thrilled with a bowl of ice cream or some extra t.v. time before bed, there I was on my knees begging my mom to show my scribbles to someone so they’d get made. Funny how the world works. 

I tell you this story and background on loving August because it has everything to do with this line. As a little girl my parents always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be and to “dream big” as corny as that sounds. The sky was the limit in our house if I was willing to put the work in. When describing how I wanted this collection to look, I told my mom I wanted people to “see stars” and have this “oh my stars” reaction when they experienced or picked up any of the pieces. Sense a light bulb moment? This is exactly when it hit me. Why wouldn’t I base the line around stars, magic, and this saying that so perfectly encapsulated what fall meant to me? Whether you were heading back to school or just needed a “back to cool” reset like I always do come Fall, I wanted it to be accomplished with this collection. 

This line, of course is based around seeing stars, but more importantly for me to serve as a reminder that big things can happen when you chase your dreams and find magic in a refresh. You don’t have to be in school to snag a new notebook that encourages you to “Chase Those Dreams” or an Everything Pouch filled with star confetti aka magic to carry with you wherever you go. We very carefully curated the assortment of products based on things you all loved from our past collections that you might need a refresh on (hello, new notebooks!), textures that feel magical or would make both you or a stranger starry-eyed, and of course bold colors paired with fun and functional items to get back to cool or school – wherever you’re headed in life. 

My hope for this collection is that it encourages you to find the magic in the smallest dreams and ideas. I would urge you to pursue something new this Fall. Start journaling. Move to a new city. Carry a backpack instead that laptop bag everyone at your offices uses. Do something out of the ordinary small or big and I promise you’ll not only see stars, but leave people saying Oh My Stars when you so much as pass them by. 

Dream Big,