Meet Our Disco Drink

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Say hello to something totally new here at Packed Party - Our Disco Drink! We're so incredibly excited to roll this sparkly something out today after nearly a year's worth of work and tons of back and forth making this tumbler the perfection it is!

Quite a few people have been asking us if the cup was going to be a part of a package or sold separately on our site – great question! In short, yes, the Disco Drink is sold separately from any of our signature packages! We are in the process of expanding Packed Party from just packages to other fun products and unique products that scream p-a-r-t-y! What we’re really trying to say is there’s WAY more fun to come from us as we continue to grow and we can’t wait to share it all with you.

Our navy packages will always be the core of Packed Party and how we started this fun journey (trust us, they’re not going anywhere), but after listening to our Party Girls and having a lot of discussions around Packed Party HQ it felt like the right move for us to start making other creative items under the Packed Party name. Alas The Doorstep Necklace you met a few months ago and now our Disco Drink. Pretty exciting, right!?

This Disco Drink has so much love poured into itWe’re talking hour-long conversations about what the perrrfect pink for the straw should be so that anyone who spots you sipping is jelly, and making sure no bell or whistle was missed. The Disco Drink is dishwasher safe (but hey, if you have a power washer for a dishwasher let’s stick to hand-washing), can handle hot drinks (hey, hot cocoa) or cold (hi, bubbly), and has a super easy twist off lid near the top so you can throw together your favorite drink and make any ordinary sip a party! Yes, this is literally 20 oz. of amazing-ness that can be the perfect just because gift, NYE go-to, dance floor maker, rump shaker, stocking stuffer taker, you get it. You need it.

We want to do what’s best for YOU, Party Girland give you all that you want to see from us, and that something just so happened to be more party items when we recently asked a few months ago. We get emails all the time with asks or questions about products that there’s a need for out there and we’re listening – very closely to you! If you ever have a question, email us! Have an idea you want to see put into action by Packed Party? Email us! We want to hear what you have to say and try and create it the best we possibly can. Our only ask is that you continue to grow with us and spread the word about the party on your end!


Team Packed Party