Packed Party + Postmates

Posted by Packed Party Team on

Ever felt a little demanding!? You sort of get that tinge of "do I actually need this right now?" when you're having a moment? We're here to tell you the answer to that question is abso-freaking-lutely YES if you're in San Francisco this summer!

If you follow us on Instagram you might have seen we recently partnered with the Postmates App, an on-demand delivery service here in San Francisco! We've teamed up to bring a few of our party packages to people instantly at their desk or homes in the city! For a limited time starting today we'll be offering our Thanks (x Million), Birthday Beb, and You Pampered Thing, You packages to San Francisco peeps to start the party for themselves or someone else! Everyone's sat at their desk panicked over a co-workers birthday you forgot, or felt like a friend needed a little pick-me-up after you met them for lunch, so we're here to be your problem solvers! We wanna start the party for you and all your friends and what better time than summer?!

Whether it's a just because, a birthday celebration, or a simple thank you, we wanna make sure you're showing love in a big way to yourself or someone else this summer by starting the party! To order visit Postmates App or website our website and find us or, if you'd like you can visit our website and find the option to use Postmates under the description of any of the offered packages (Birthday Beb, Thanks (x Million), or our You Pampered Thing, You). However you wanna start partying right away, we're cool with it, we just wanna bring you the fun wherever you are!

If you're not in San Francisco this summer, not to worry, we'll be exploring other ways to bring on-demand to a city near you down the road! Until then, meet us on your doorsteps, k? 

Use the discount code packedpartysf for $10.00 delivery credit for new customers!