Summer Essentials

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If you are anything like us, we’re cranking up the ac and trying to keep our party hair in-tact now that Summer 2017 is in full swing! Who’s with us!? Seriously though, it’s hot in Austin where we’re headquartered! If you remember, last summer we moved our team from San Francisco to Texas and we’re LOVING it so far! Everything that is except for this crazy heat. We mean...we expected the heat, but the humidity...sheesh. We suppose summer’s here though, right?! So that’s worth celebrating.

Summer to us means making memories, s’mores, sunburns, you-name-it really. All the happy things fall under these next few sunny months! While it does stay hot in Austin (and most places through the fall) we felt it was only right to make a list of our current Summer 2017 Essentials to make the most of these next few months. When we say essentials we’re talking this a list of things we as a team can’t do without through August, so read em’ and get to shopping, beb:

1. Duffle: An oversized duffle is critical to your summertime vacay operation. Seriously though! Fitting your shoes, swimsuits, options, options, and more options all in one place without looking like a high maintenance Party Girl is important. Lucky for you we made this duffle bag with extra deep pockets and a heavy-duty cross-body strap (because let’s be real the bag won’t look heavy...but it’s gonna be heavy).

2. Go-To Cocktail: Let’s make you look like the cocktail expert you are this summer, k? This is possible with one thing and one thing only. A killer, super easy go-to cocktail you can whip up at your own house or as a guest anywhere this summer if need be! We know you take your Disco Drink everywhere anyway, so why not throw something equally delicious as the tumbler is cute inside?! This recipe is one we’re loving this summer and can be made with ingredients nearly everyone has in their fridge. Popsicle lovers, you’re welcome!

3. Hydration Device: How are you supposed to be the glowing goddess you are without staying hydrated!? Liquids, ladies. Liquids! Drinking water is boring and we think it’s safe to say sipping out of a boring water bottle doesn’t make anyone reach for the agua. Are we right!? Stock up on these hydration pouches (yes, you can allllmost feel like you’re drinking something boozy at work) or of course, our signature Disco Drink here! PS: Yes, we know we’re semi shameless plugging, but we make stuff WE ourselves use and sadly that’s rare for companies these days so we’re being 100% real when we say these drinking vessels do in fact keep us hydrated while we’re at work or on-the-go!

4. Solid Playlist: Can we all agree life is better with music on?! If you follow us on Insta you’ve seen we regularly share our Spotify playlist, (we’re Team Packed Party on there) or what we’re listening to in the office. When you work long days having new and inspiring music is pretty key to making the creative juices flow. This summer we created what we believe is the ultimate playlist for any kind of pool party with your friends, family, or coworkers! Check it out for yourself and claim it as your own when everyone ask who’s playing DJ.

5. Tote Bag: We realize you’re a girl on the move like us, so we alllll need something a little bigger than a purse. What else is your wet swimsuit, hair dryer, and everything supposed to go in?! We like our tote bags like we like our closets. LARGE and organized if at all possible. This bucket bag is one we’re all super excited about and using constantly for pool days, picnics, or just running around town. The see-through feature makes you (semi) check your messy self at the door, plus it’s large size and confetti are so fun and especially sparkly under the sun!

6. A Solid Manicurist: Laugh it up but we’re serious! We know you’re out there shaking hands and making a name for yourself in this big world so it’s important your hands reflect you (even if you don’t have your ish together in any way!). Make BFF’s with your nail lady and commit to her for the summer. A fun manicure goes a long way whether it’s for networking or taking that perfect Insta worthy pic holding your Disco Drink beb. We love looking at Olive & June’s Insta for nail-spiration.

7. Sunscreen: No one wants to look like a piece of beef jerky in 10 years. We said it. Protect yourself from the sun ladies! A little vitamin d never hurt anyone, but it’s only recommended you absorb 15 minutes per day so tisk tisk...cover up! This is tough we realize being beachside all summer long, but this sunscreen and this one are easy to apply and non-flimy when they go on. We’re torn between the two so we mix and match!

8. Good Read: If you’re a bookworm like some of us here we pulled these three summer reads to add to our essentials list! Isn’t it so fun being heads-down and buried in a book you love!? It’s the best feeling. These are giving us those kinda feels:

  1. ‘The Answers’ By: Catherine Lacey
  2. ‘Surpassing Certainty’ By: Janet Mock
  3. ‘How To Fall In Love With Anyone’ By: Mandy Len Catron

What are your summer essentials!? We’re always so curious to hear and add to our list so let us know in the comments, Party Girls!