Summer Reading List

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Any Party Girls out there that totally skim the last page of a book before even starting it? Anyone just skip out on the book entirely after buying it? Watching it sit on your shelf for weeks (months? years? eeep!) Talk about a reeeal dust collector, but hey maybe the cover's at least cute. Not gonna lie, we're guilty of doing both. It's semi embarrassing to share, but sometimes thinking about coming home from work at staring at anything outside the back of our eyelids is straight up exhausting. Don’t judge. We've come up with the perfect reading list for all readers as well as non-commital readers this summer. Meet the perfect reads poolside, bedside, or hey maybe even while you're solo lunching this summer in the sun. Full list below that's totally Party Girl Approved, or PGA'd to keep you from boring, snoring, or just adding color to your book shelf:

Love & Gelato:

Into romance? Thought so. The heaven that is gelato? Yeah us too. Meet your latest summer read that will instantly teleport you into the amazingness that's Italy. It’s friken Italy! Doesn’t get much better than Italian men and 6 gelatos a day. If you can’t hop on the next flight to Italy this summer, Love & Gelato is definitely going to get you at least halfway there. The story follows a girl as she road trips throughout Tuscany for the summer. What does she discover along the way? (Hint Hint: read the book.)

First Comes Love:

While no one in the office has hit their late thirties yet, we’ve definitely heard stories of women feeling like that aren’t on the right career path. No one ever wants to live with regrets or feel like they haven’t fully explored what they really LOVE to do. First Comes Love shares the story of two sisters that feel like their lives have come to a crossroad and how they try to kickstart their lives again. While none of us were totally in this place personally the book is really uplifting and a great read. We are strong believers in living a life that you truly desire! Do what you love, bebs and read this book while you're thinking about pursuing it.

Modern Lovers:

We know how the saying goes. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But before getting into the dirty deets of this book, we have to side note that the illustrated cover of this book is everything we dreamed of and more. Colorful, funky, playful, and fun. But seriously, Modern Lovers is a top pick for many of us here at PPHQ. The book follows three best friends from their youth to adulthood, who still live within walking distance of each other in Brooklyn. Kind of a dream right? Modern Lovers shares the honest IRL experiences of ups and downs, how people are always evolving, and your roots can always bring you back to together.

The Girls:

Any of you bebs ever read a book that you literally tackle in a few hours? That one book that you just cannot put down for the life of you. If you're into that sort of thing and have a few hours to commit, we found your next read. Meet The Girls. The most mesmerizing story you’ll ever read. No doubt. We’re talkin’ girls, cults, danger and maybe murder. You drawn in yet? We are shakin’ just writing about it. We won't share all the details but this is one you'll love as it combines all the elements of a perfect story.

The Singles Game:

Okay, confession - we’re huge Devil Wears Prada fans over here. We're all guilty of quoting the movie randomly at some point during the day over here whether it's a Miranda moment or just the standard "Emily look" pre Miranda. The Singles Game is written by the same author as DWP, and as soon as we found that out, we were all in. In no way does this book disappoint. The Singles Game is written about a prodigy tennis player, the scandal she runs into, and her rise to fame. A winning match in our book we're confident you'll love this one too.

The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo:

We're just going to assume Amy Schumer is totally and completely our best beb already at this point. We’re all so in love with her. After killing it in the entire entertainment world, Amy finally delivers us a hands-on look into her insane life. Amy is so much more than her “laugh until we can’t breathe moments.” Hello, Trainwreck. We can all truly learn something from her in this book. She stands up for what she believes in and she isn’t afraid to speak what's on her mind. We got yo’ back (with that lower tattoo) Amy, and think you should probably to

Whether it be on that Pinterest-worthy beach somewhere (lying on our Thriving & Diving Beach Towel of course) or in your backyard sitting enjoying that adorable picnic you set up (cheese platter and spiked lemonade included), we hope this list inspired all of you Party Girls to get your booty on over to a local bookstore. Who knows, maybe you and your best bebs will start a summer book club? We’ll take an invite too, please and thanks.