Thankful Happy List

Posted by Ben Melingagio on

Welp, it’s November! We say this every year, cringe away, but where is time going? November brings a ton of fun and feelings for us as we inch closer to the holidays and Packed Party’s third birthday Nov. 7th! Craziness. Any of you been keeping up with us since the beginning? We were just bite-sized then, it’s wild to think about the way we’ve grown, but that’s a whoooole other blog.

Today we’re focusing on a new term we coined “Thankful Happy List”. Being that it’s November everyone’s minds shift gears from having better candy than their neighbors to being thankful for them, isn’t it funny how that works? We’re guilty too, don’t kid yourself. While we were having lunch as a team recently the topic of things we were thankful for came up, and one of the girl’s posed the question of what things we were thankful for that didn’t cost money (i.e. wifi doesn’t count). We all started rattling things off and then it sort of segued into a new conversation about how the small things were the ones we were most thankful for. Being that we’re a little crazy right now gearing up for the holidays we decided to break and come up with our own list, called Thankful Happy list and share them with each other. We sat down and shared our list with each other today and it was an amazing (and tiny) exercise for us all to do both individually then sharing together. It was so fun hearing each person’s different lists and things that really make them tick. We’re such big believers that the small things take up the most room inside our hearts, so it was fun getting a peek into each person’s “things” that so few of us ever actually put pen to paper to.

This month we’re challenging YOU to make your own Happy Thankful list and share it with us on Instagram to get a surprise party from us. All you have to do is post a picture of your list (short or long) and share it using the hashtag #thankfulhappylist so we can DM you to get your shipping info. While we realize we’re celebrating you actually making your list with a material gift, it’s just a fun way for us to show thanks to you this season. Additionally…DRUM ROLL …this month we’re offering 15% OFF our Thanks (x Million) package for you to send a party to everyone you’re extra thankful for. Use the code SOTHANKFUL at checkout! We all know how gratifying it is to receive a surprise at your doorstep, so why not share that feeling with a friend this season. Who knows...they may just send you a party right back!

We can’t wait to see your list, Party Girls! Happy November and don’t forget to give thanks to those you love.