The Doorstep Diaries: Emily Rhodes

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Meet our new friend Emily Rhodes! Emily reached out to us via Instagram where we saw her rocking The Doorstep Necklace, and we were instantly taken by her sweet words about our brand and excitement to purchase The Doorstep Necklace (she was one of the very first!). Emily's kindness and simple joy for the little things definitely make her a Party Girl in our book. Peep her full story below on why she chose the numbers on her Doorstep Necklace:

Full Name: Emily Rhodes (almost Emily Glynn! I'm getting married this Labor Day weekend!)

Current City: Portsmouth, NH

How Did You Hear About Packed Party? I initially found Packed Party through Instagram about a year ago and quickly fell in love with the super fun, bright, and inspirational feed! I love the idea of being able to send a party to a friend for all different occasions! Watching the company grow and flourish with a team of super fun party girls behind it has been one of my favorite parts of following along!

What Does Home Mean To You: Home to me is not a place, it is a feeling, it is memories, it is love. While the house I grew up will always make me feel a certain way, the memories that happened in that house throughout the years that are far more nostalgic and meaningful to me. As I've grown up and moved out of that house, home has continued to be a place where I feel safe, encouraged, and where fun continuously happens with friends and family. Home is my favorite place.

What numbers hang on your Doorstep Necklace? 197

What Do These Numbers Signify? I chose to engrave my necklace with "197" which is the number of the house my fiance (or husband depending when this post goes live!) Mike, and I live in now. This house is special to me for so many reasons, it was where we had one of our first dates, it is where we were staying the weekend we said "I Love You" for the first time, it's the home where Mike proposed, and it's where we will live for our first year(s) of marriage! Our house is small and we are quickly growing out of it, being the super sentimental person I am, I know I'll have a hard time when we go to sell, so having a necklace to forever remind me of where it all began is priceless!