The Doorstep Diaries: Jenn Lake

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Let's start this diary entry by simply noting JUSTHOWABSOLUTELYADORABLE Jenn Lake is in the above party pic! How cute is she!? Being that we're (severely obsessed) in love with navy everything this picture is right up our alley. From Jenn's shades, to her sweatshirt, and of course, not to be missed, The Doorstep Necklace hanging from her neck! We had the privilege of meeting Jenn through social media a few months back and have been obsessed with her style, and Instagram feed (it's so colorful!) ever since. Not only is she a style guru, but also a serious powerhouse in the PR world! We're so inspired by Jenn's kindness, love for our brand, and kick-butt attitude it seemed only right to feature her on The Doorstep Diaries. Peep her story below and see what combination of numbers she keeps closest to her heart! Hint: it's not a physical doorstep!

Full Name: Jenn Lake

Current City: Chicago, Illinois

How Did You Hear About Packed Party? I was fortunate to find Packed Party through Instagram! Technology is a fabulous thing, right?! I kept seeing images of the company’s boxes on my feed and knew that I had to check it out!

What Does Home Mean To You: It’s like the saying goes - home is where the heart is. My family and friends mean the world to me! Home has always embodied safety, comfort, and everything in between – but its meaning has evolved as life chapters close and others open. My heart feels deeply intertwined with my home!

What numbers hang on your Doorstep Necklace? 0904

What Do These Numbers Signify? They signify my wedding anniversary date (September 4th). My husband feels like to home to me, and I love wearing a necklace that represents his love. Nine also happens to be my husband and brother’s lucky number, and I grew up in a family of four. I love the multiple meanings!