The Doorstep Diaries: Julia (Engel) Berolzheimer

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Remember last week when we launched The Doorstep Necklace and told you about a little series we're doing highlighting the kind and confident women who wear these? You do? Thought that might have been the case, but we wanted to remind you anyway as we've been hearing so many amazing stories of home and the Party Girls who are choosing to rock these. We wanted a place to highlight the meanings behind people's doorsteps and the numbers they chose. We're a community of Party Girls here, so sharing and inspiring is a part of the deal isn't it? If you want to be featured all you have to do is email us an image of you in the necklace and we'll send a few questions your way to highlight your story.

First up meet resident Party Girl and San Francisco native Julia Berolzheimer (or Engel as so many of you know her!). We of course love Julia as she's a great friend of Jordan's, but she's truly someone who is as beautiful on the inside as she is the out. We're so honored she wears The Doorstep Necklace every day around town or for a glam night out. See her story below:

Full Name: Julia (Engel) Berolzheimer

Current City: San Francisco

How Did You Hear About Packed Party? I met the founder, Jordan Jones, while we were both out eating solo lunches early last year. She introduced me to Packed Party and I was hooked!

What Does Home Mean To You: My husband and I spent the past year traveling a lot for work, so home has really become so much more for us. Home means being around friends and family, it means familiarity and comfort. It doesn't matter how long we've been there, if we own or rent, or whether we want to stay forever, "home" is where you feel the happiest.

What numbers hang on your Doorstep Necklace? I have "Apt 2" on my Doorstep Necklace.

What Do These Numbers Signify? It was mine and my husband's first home together in San Francisco and where we started and grew our business. We no longer live there, but that small apartment will always be a home to us. I know someday when we have kids, we'll bring them into the city and show them where our "first place" was and share the memories that were created there. Some of the biggest moments in life happened then- we moved to a big city, we got married and grew our hobby into a business that we both eventually took on full-time!