The Doorstep Diaries: Melissa Schleicher

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We love a good mother-daughter duo here at Packed Party! Something about a Party Girl mom passing her drive and values on to her daughter totally strikes a chord within us. When we first met Hunter (on the left in the photo above) as she chased down Jordan, our founder to represent Packed Party at Ole Miss we knew she had serious drive. It takes guts to reach out and we totally respect and love it. We wouldn't be here writing this blog without some guts, now would we? What we didn't know was where Hunter got her awesomeness from...until we met her amazing mom, Melissa. Melissa is the definition of what we call a Party Girl starting her own business as a celebrity hairstylist and building an amazing brand that includes salon*s* and traveling with clients like Carrie Underwood to do hair and make-up. Whoa! So, like we said, we love a good mother-daughter duo and these two are just that! Plus they love Packed Party, so we're all in. See what Melissa's Doorstep Necklace (on Hunter in the photo above because obviously they share everything like any mom dot best friend duo do) means and what numbers she chose below:

Full name: Melissa Schleicher

Current State: Tennessee

How did you hear about Packed Party? My daughter Hunter Schleicher is the Leader of the Packed Brand Ambassador for Ole Miss. I love all of the fun packages and the story behind the company. There is nothing better than driven, creative women who are committed to spreading love and encouraging others, and I quickly realized that is what the girls at Packed Party are all about!

What does home mean to you? As a freelance hair and make-up artist who travels often, home is very important to me. Home is a place of relaxation from my busy schedule with the people I love most. 

What numbers hang on your Doorstep Necklace? 2128

What do these numbers signify? The numbers signify my home in Nashville where I live with my husband Don and daughter Hunter (when she's home from school). I love the Doorstep Necklace because it allows me to keep a little reminder of home close to my heart no matter where I am!