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Bachelorette Gifts 101


Hot pink confetti cups, disco ball cups, and confetti pouches surrounded by confetti with words "Bachelorette Party Gift Guide"



If you’re reading this, it means you’re probably planning your bestie’s bachelorette party, so first, congrats on being the chosen one! (or maybe just the most organized 😉)

 As every party girl knows well, the secret to an unforgettable event is all about the details, and one key detail you don’t want to overlook for the bachelorette is the gift bags. In this post, we’ll guide you through creating the perfect gift bags that will leave the bride tribe smiling long after they head home.

Do I Really Need to Give Everyone Gifts?

You don’t need to, but the truth is that it’s become customary to have goodie bags waiting for each bridesmaid/guest at the bachelorette party. Not only are bachelorette party gift bags a great way to get everyone pumped about the weekend, but they also help create a sense of unity among the bride tribe. Think about it - you’re bringing girls together from all different friend groups, so giving everyone some fun goodies to use and wear for the weekend is an easy way to start the bonding and make everyone feel part of the group! 

Choosing a Theme for Your Gift Bags

Every good party has a theme, and your gift bags are no exception! Ideally, your bachelorette party already has a theme you can connect the gift bags to. For example, if you’re doing a cowgirl themed bachelorette party in Nashville, your gift bags should have stuff like cowgirl hats, cowboy boot earrings, and these adorable Howdy cups. A disco bachelorette party gift bag might have disco ball cups, confetti can coolers, and confetti keychain wallets.  

Must-Haves for Bachelorette Gift Bags

No matter your theme, there are a few things that every good bachelorette party gift bag should have. Customized items like hats for the group to wear, gag gifts like tattoos of the groom-to-be, hangover kits or snacks for the team to use throughout the weekend, and last but certainly not least - cute bachelorette cups for everybody to drink out of! Depending on the budget, the gifts can be given in a cute keepsake tote!



Disco ball cup with pink straw

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White and hot pink jug with straw and handle, with words "HOWDY" repeated

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Reusable plastic drink pouch with confetti design and straw

Shop Hydration Pouches

Pink reusable cup says "Cheers Cheers Cheers My Dears" and changes color from light pink to hot pink with cold liquid

Shop Cheers My Dears Color Changing Reusable Cups (Set of 10)

Pink confetti skinny can cooler

Shop Confetti Skinny Can Cooler




Woven zipper pencil pouch with rainbow pattern

Shop Woven Rainbow Everything Pouch


Pink confetti zipper pencil pouch

Shop Pink Confetti Everything Pouch


Woven tote bag  with rainbow stripes with upside down light pink smiley face in the center

Shop Bring On The Fun Smiley Woven Rainbow Tote

Pink beach bag tote with clear vinyl and confetti

Shop Long Haul Confetti Tote



Set of three smiley face hair claw clips - white, light pink, and yellow.

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Rattan and pink confetti luggage tag

Shop Bring on the Fun Woven Confetti Luggage Tag

Pink confetti card wallet with keychain attachment

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