Three Ways To Chill

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Temps are rising in Austin and although it's not technically summer it totally feels like! With the sunshine in full force (we missed it for a minute with all the Spring showers!) we felt it was only right to highlight our go-to product as of late. Insert our Making Waves Cooler Bag. Have you met her?

A lot of new Party Girls have been on our site asking "where to begin" with our brand and while there are plenty of places to start the partying product wise, we did want to highlight this bag here for three reasons that anyone from 25 to 45 can use.

Shall we dissect it though first? See its features below!
Packed Party Making Waves Cooler Bag
And most importantly here are three easy and semi-surprising ways to incorporate this bag into your life, beb:
1) Beach Bag...aka your bag of tricks including your snacks, sunnies, phone, charger and anything in between. This bag will keep it all cool and locked down while you're basking in the sunshine, beb. Did we mention the material on the outside is water repellent too if you get too close to shore? Score!
2) Grocery Bag...yes, an actually cute reusable one you'll remember and want to always use when heading to the store because it's so cute! Extra errands post hitting the mini-mart? No biggie! Your yogurts and popsicles are safe and cool hanging in the car for a bit so you don't have to race home. Just another reason to shop if you're asking us!
3) Gift a real-life gifting vessel that's not a lame paper bag. This bag will dress up any hostess gift you're thinking of packing (hello, cocktail shaker!) and look super fun with tissue paper coming out of it, but also something someone will actually love and use this summer for said reasons above!
Making Waves Beach Cooler Bag
Happy chilling, Party Girl!