Wave Hello To Spring 2019!

Posted by Packed Party Team on

Give a big wave (literally) to our brand new Spring Collection, Party Girls! The time has finally come to spill the details on what's one of my favorite collections to date. Below I'm sharing some behind the scenes on the design process, why we used ric rac, and what some of my favorite products are!

First and foremost I should probably tell you when this goodness is launching, right? Welp, we're actually having not one but two launches on our site! The first, launching this coming Tuesday January 29th, will include the first half of our Making Waves collection with a focus on bags and new novelty gift items. The second (and no they're not broken out in an order of importance) part of our collection launches Monday February 4th. Pencil that in, would you?

This collection we named Making Waves truly is going to make just that in your life - a big wave with how bright, bold, and fun it all is. When we started piecing together what this whole assortment was going to look like I instantly knew I wanted to anchor the theme in ric rac. Ric Rac is one of my favorite materials and has been since I was a little girl. The fun colors, shapes, and sizes always add such a whimsical and happy feel to anything. I loved the material so much in college I used to stick them on lamp shades and sell them to friends, ha. I'm telling you, ric rac and I have had a love affair for a while, but it wasn't until this collection I really saw it differently.

In the industry we are in many brands big and small are afraid to take risks or do their own thing, "make waves" if you will. As we were growing and started designing this collection there was what felt like more pressure to really nail down what we were going to do. After a few sleepless nights I finally said forget it, let's continue to do what put us where we are today and make some waves. Shortly there after I was going through an old box while I was home and found a handful of my old favorite lamp shade making material and there it was right in front of me - waves and all. Our collection was born.

Our team had so much fun piecing together all the different colors, sizes, and textures of this material. We knew we wanted to mix in the actual ric rac to so much of what we were doing and also bring a drawn version to life on items like our tumblers, passport holders and cosmetic bags. The end result had me in tears if we're being perfectly honest.

The rainbow colors of this line and its boldness mixing a nostalgic material in such a fun and unique way have garnered a special early response. At market we had older women losing it and sharing their stories of their mom's making them dresses with ric rac and younger girls running up to the collection saying the color caught their eye.

While picking a favorite product always is tough - I do have a few stand-outs, but for different reasons than you might think! Here are my top three and I know my team will laughingly disagree with their own:

1) The Most Clutch: This disco ball shaped clutch was a logistical nightmare to make if we're being honest here. Between material madness to nailing down the coloring and even sizing too, but we did it! I've been drawn and candidly obsessed with disco balls forever so the idea I can take one to date night was and is so exciting to me. I am obsessed with this clutch - and the name too!

2) Making Waves Tote Bag: Does this tote actually need an explanation? When I closed my eyes and thought about this line this is the bag that anchored it all. I'm using it as a laptop bag as we speak and am up to three random compliments from strangers for the day. That's a win in my book!

3) Matchbook Sets: While these don't actually have the ric rac on them, they are a part of the collection and I'm obsessed with collecting matches. The fact these are insanely oversized and have the words "party time" on each match is so fun to me. I cannot wait to give these as gifts to friends or add them as present toppers. (Check back next week for our second launch to grab these cutie matchbook sets). 

So there you have it, Party Girls! A look inside why we designed this special Spring + Summer collection just for you and what a few of my favorites are. I cannot wait to see how you go make your own waves with all our new.