What You Need to Know about the 2016 World Series

Posted by Ben Melingagio on

So apparently the World Series starts tonight, did you know? Maybe you heard. Or hey, maybe you’re the “cool girl” who’s into baseball, we can’t pretend we’re you, although we can wish..and be friends with you so you can fill us in and let us tag along to the bar. If we’re being honest, we hear baseball and think about a lot of things outside, ya know, the sport. Food, food, cities we could potentially travel to, what we’d wear to the game, stuff like that. See, it’s not that we’re not into sports, it’s just baseball…is kinda boring. We said it. It’s an opinion. Calm yourself, if baseball is your jam. There’s one thing that’s for sure and it’s that there are several things to be excited about tonight whether the World Series is something you’re into or not. See our quick list below and get inspired, or hey, just name-drop the cute player we list below to that dude in accounting so you look like you know your stuff. Here’s what we think you should know about the World Series this year:

Hottest Indian and, although we don’t know him, what we’d guess he does in his free time: Tyler Naquin. We would imagine Tyler does a lot of staring into his own eyes at this point, not everyone is blessed with those baby blues. Ty might also be a closet Sketchers wearer. Just a hunch.


Hottest Cub and, although we don’t know him, what we’d guess he does in his free time: Jake Arrieta. Jake probs spends a lot of time managing that beard he rocks out there on the mound. Rumor on the street is he conditions, and we would gladly share our precious products with him. He may or may not have tried out for Deadliest Catch or Duck Commander at one point too. Lucky for him, we like both.


Best Stadium Food In Chicago To Name Drop: Hot Dougs. You can’t go to Chicago and not have a Chicago dog. This spot is in the bleachers too so you know it’s the place to be (and eat).

Best Stadium Food In Cleveland: Sweet Moses Ice Cream. Prepare your heart..and molars, there is CARAMEL CORN they put on their sundaes here, you guys. They also have French caramel ice cream which is a win in our book. Snag a double or a triple scoop here in section 111 if you’re going to any of the games.

Celeb Fans To Know For Cubs: Billy Murray, Vince Vaughn, Jeremy Piven, Bette Midler


Celeb Fans To Know For Indian: Lebron James, Tom Hanks, Kid Cudi…these were slightly harder to find

Color Coordinate: Lucky you the teams colors are nearly the exact same so you can rock either color and look like a fan. Plus both color combos go well with converse. A win win to us!

Whoever you're rooting for we like em' all - we're here for the fun! Go Cubs & Indians, we'll be watching and hope you get in on the excitement too this time of year!


*image courtesy waitingfornextyear.com