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What's In Store For Your Sign This Season

We’ve made it more than halfway through the dog days of Summer as August wraps up, y’all. Mars is in Gemini and we have all been feeling the extra pressure to reach our goals and push the boundaries of what we are capable of - are you with us? Now’s the time to finally use our powers from within to take hold of what brings us joy! Don’t worry, we’re here to help, Party Girl. You know we’re makers of joy around here. Take a peek at the below Fall Horoscopes to discover what your sign says you’re needing this season:


Your mindset of living a life that is extraordinary and bright is a constant motivator for you. Although this season brings energies that challenge your mentality, continue to persevere and use the community you have to embrace your boldness within. Block out anything less than joyful in your life and carry your shades everywhere you go with our Side of Sunshine Sunglasses Case to remind yourself to shine and continue to seek the full life you desire.



Recent changes and unexpected complications in life are clouding your mind right now, and it might be hard to remain your typical reliable and altruistic self. However, if you channel your energy into positivity and believe in your passions, the potential is endless. It’s time to show up as your best self and show the world that you are unshakeable. Wear your best outfit, do your makeup (that you should keep in the Spread Thin Cosmetic Bag), and put your best foot forward! 



While the world around you seems to be full of chaos and confusion, it is important that you make an extra effort to not let it affect you. With your tendency to quickly turn from fun and lighthearted to serious and concerned, you might find yourself easily affected by events that are out of your control. Fill your All the Things Jelly Tote with a good book and some snacks and take a day trip with your closest friends as a reminder that you are allowed to take it easy and enjoy your life!



This season brings a heightened sense of vulnerability for you. However, it’s important that you don’t forget the power you have within to connect to the world. The power lies in even the simplest of actions, like smiling at a stranger. Stick this Smiles All Around Patch on your laptop, your planner, your backpack, or anywhere you’ll see it as a reminder of what you’re capable of.  



Now is the time to look to the future - you never know when you might have a lasting impact, so give your passions 110%. Embrace your natural tendency to lead and channel your creativity to achieve your goals and push yourself. Carry all that you might need to succeed in our Yours Truly Ruffle Backpack and be prepared for all of the excitement that’s to come - there’s lots of good coming your way, Leo!



As one who tends to stick to the details and values structure, it can be difficult for you to welcome change. This season is the perfect time to find peace in the ongoing changes. Work on living in the moment and taking in the big picture. Trust in the timing of everything and embrace the positivity that can come with change. However, when these feelings become overwhelming, feel free to use the Be a Gem Ruler to make sure your lines are straight, your t’s are crossed, and everything that’s within your control is in order.



You might be experiencing conflict with those who you’re closest with. Take time to look within yourself and identify your needs and wants - make sure you don’t neglect yourself in an effort to resolve any disagreements. Take care of yourself and make sure you’re providing for yourself first. We suggest packing your favorite meal in the Be a Gem Lunchbox to indulge in some comfort food and remind yourself of the unique person you are! 



It’s incredibly important for you to express your feelings, but recently they have been bottled up. Now is the time to open yourself up and speak honestly. Be loud, be genuine, and be transparent. The Spill the Tea Tote matches this energy with clear vinyl holding bright, bold confetti. Might be a good idea to get your hands on this bag ASAP! 




You hold a powerful quality within you to make important decisions with ease. However, this season might cause you to feel out of control. Take back your control by entertaining your adventurous side - plan a trip, try something new, or throw a party just because! Use the Weekend Jam Duffle Bag and go out into the world and make your life your own!




As a person who thrives on being in control, it’s hard not to be… well, hard on yourself. We are all imperfect people trying our best, and although it’s nearly impossible for you to admit it, that includes you too. Getting things done is of utmost importance to you, but you can always make it easier on yourself so that you can enjoy more of the unplanned, relaxing parts of life. This Make It Happen Memo Pad will help you stay organized so that you can embrace the freedom that comes with accomplishing your goals.



Although you are one who easily adapts to the energy around you, you remain your individual self with your eccentric and energetic personality. Expressing your true self can sometimes be difficult, and during this season, you should acknowledge the effort you make for personal expression. Utilize our our Be A Gem Tote to show off your fun, bright personality with ease! It’s on you to express yourself after all this season.



It’s sometimes difficult for you to avoid getting bogged down by the details of your tasks. Often you only notice trees and forget to see the entire forest. Remember, these seemingly tedious tasks are leading you to achieve your goals! Embrace the big ideas and believe in yourself and things will work in your favor. We suggest carrying around a sketchbook or your laptop in the Be A Gem Backpack, make note of your new creative endeavors and what inspires you!

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