Your Window with Rebecca Minkoff

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Hi, Party Girls! It's been a minute since we've written a blog with all the exciting things we have had going on, so this is a bit overdue, yes I realize! You might have seen we recently partnered with Rebecca Minkoff and her team to create exclusive festival themed Packed Party packages and were fortunate enough to host an event with Rebecca herself here in the city. Woot woot, what fun it was! While the event was amazing, and we were able to meet so many of our San Francisco Party Girls (#SFPartyGirls, hay!), something actually cooler came out of this partnership.

What though was that you're asking? A window. In sort of sorting through our partnership deal with the RM Team I asked if I could have a sit-down meeting with Rebecca herself to pick her brain. Let me first tell you this was semi weird to ask, like, hey, let me steal 45 minutes of your CEO's time by the way because of all peopleneed her advice and help none the less being a female founder. While I did feel a bit weird asking, this actually turned out to be one of the better things I have ever done for myself. Ask and you shall receive is what they say, isn't it? Receiving a 45 minute window with Rebecca Minkoff to pick her brain about running a successful company was exactly what I got. Cue the, new issue though! Where was I supposed to even begin on asking her my grocery list of questions about running a global company?

While I had been sort of preparing for my window with her all week so many things were running through my head. What the heck do you talk to someone as successful as Rebecca Minkoff about with only a 45 minute window. I could literally hear the clock ticking when I read the email granting me the time. Maybe 45 minutes seems like a lot to you, but being a female founder here in the city and having the opportunity to sit down undisturbed with someone like Rebecca Minkoff I knew I had a lot to learn, and quickly at that.

When the day of the event came a lot of friends, asked if our team needed anything and I said no with ease, as I knew my biggest task was truthfully sitting down with her and having my questions about growing Packed Party the way we want to answer (yes, all you Euro party girls rejoice, we're coming).

How could I maximize my time with someone so successful so quickly? Little did I know I had taken the first step in simply asking. While we walked over to our meeting before the event to chat I sort of laughed and asked her what she would do if she was in my shoes. Ask away, she said. I think she knew how much I wanted to say and know honestly...and let's be real it was on my face. Hi, "help me" please I am on a massive roller coaster (full of confetti, because duh) and need a bit of assistance with my seatbelt.

What I learned in 45 minutes was more valuable though than any book I could have picked up, article I could have read online, or any friend lending me their sort "feeling" based advice (love you guys, no really). Rebecca told me three key things in my window I want to share with you about following your dreams:

1) Be scrappy. Get it what you want done in any wayx you possibly can.

2) Look at business cards as currency to spread the word. Hello, all my new bebs. Let's talk Packed Party.

3) You don't need one single "mentor" to guide you, take it all in from everyone who's willing to give you advice and weigh it against your gut.

Okay, so obviously she gave me a lot more advice than those three things, but those three keys were heavily weighing on me and I feel obligated to share them. There's no secret sauce to following your dreams and going with your gut. You get an opportunity and you have to make something out of it. If you do, you're an entrepreneur, and if you don't hey, we'll sell you the dream beb. The same way I asked for the order in meeting with Rebecca to get my "window" is the same way you have to look at opportunities presented to you each day. You can wonder about what you would have done in the situation or you can simply do it. The worst that can happen is you're told no..then what? You feel better? Sounds like a brighter idea to me.

We were round tabling about our blog this week and this lesson I learned was one I simply couldn't resist sharing. Rebecca is truly a Party Girl as defined by Packed Party with her killer confidence and kindness, but I too had my own Party Girl moment asking for my window. What's yours? Will you take it when it's presented?