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Yay, You!

$62.00 USD

Curious what's inside? Think things like a pink grapefruit champagne bubble bath, "Treat Your Self" confetti candy, a multi color pencil bag, "Good Vibes" magnet set, 'The Little Book of Conifidence', and of course our signature letterpress card stating what the party is, why it's being sent, and we sign it with your name to make it that much more personal!

Why send it?
Use this yay, you! Package to congratulate someone on their promotion at work, engagement, new house, whatever the occasion there's always reason to celebrate. There's serious power in wishing someone well! Trust us, k?!

  • 8" X 8" X 3"
  • Includes Letterpress Card Signed with Your Name
  • Signature Package Contains 4-5 Full Sized Items
  • Delivered as Shown in Navy Blue Packed Party Package