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Packed Party is looking for a Product Development Associate to jump in the middle of our rapidly growing team here in Austin, TX at the ground level. The individual will be responsible for supporting all pre-production development tasks; including technical spec preparation, overnight communication with factories and much more. You’ll work closely with the Operations and Design teams.

This person is ideally:
• Extremely detailed and process oriented, helping to implement processes
• An organization freak excited about the prospect of sample organization and being the gatekeeper to the full library of Packed Party development
• Highly analytical in nature with solid Microsoft Office skills
• An over-communicator, you are able to clearly articulate vision and direction across language barriers internationally and across internal teams
• A brand champion, obsessed with product and ready to lead quality control processes
• A self-starter, ready to dig in, find problems, and proactively fix them
• A team player, eager to provide support across the organization as needed
• Trustworthy, you are holding the key to our manufacturers and margins so transparency and direct communication with our Director of Operations and President is of the utmost important

This role would be responsible for:
Supporting PD Managers
• Responsible for supporting PD Manager’s in responding to factories overnight and summarizing all correspondence for PD Managers on a daily basis
• Supporting PD Managers and the daily tasks associated with bringing to life new concepts and designs
• Sends all packaging requirements to factories; communicates relevant details such as timeline, samples needed, retailer specific guidelines, and PO adjustments
• Maintain open communication with our supplier base as well as actively help research and analyze new potential partners
• Works with vendors to get pricing, item details, templates, MOQs, and any other pertinent details during development

Quality Control
• Leader in Quality Control management for Packed Party
• Actively participate in quality reviews of samples and shipments and in charge of logging all concerns and follow up to communicate back to our production partners
• Owner of item measurements and weights across reference documents and confirming samples match specifications

Sample Management
• Owner of sample organization and tracking including samples from all phases of the development cycle.
• Responsible for management of previous production references as well as product development resource library of finishes, materials, etc.
• Actively participate in quality reviews of samples and shipments and in charge of logging all concerns and follow up to communicate back to our production partners
• Coordinating the influencer process and responsible for making sure samples are sent to influencers in a timely manner.

SKU Creation
• Owner of UPC creation in GS1 and Lot Number maintenance
• Aid in customs classification research, duty rate changes, and benchmarking true landed costs from targets

The ideal candidate:
• Bachelor’s degree with 2 years of product development or buying experience preferred
• Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications
• Excellent communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills
• Highly detail oriented

Optional, but preferred, please send a PDF of your portfolio including work that is relevant to the above job description to


Packed Party is looking for a Product Development Manager to jump in the middle of our rapidly growing team here in Austin, TX at the ground level. The individual will be responsible for supporting all pre-production development tasks; including developing technical packages for manufacturers, tracking and reviewing samples, market & trend research, technical file preparation and maintenance, design ideation, and much more. You’ll work closely with the Director of Operations and the Design Team.

Essential roles and duties:
• Extremely detailed and process oriented, helping to refine all pre-production processes
• Highly motivated with a high sense of urgency and initiative. Always taking responsibility with a proactive mentality •Organization freak keeping timelines and schedules of production and processes
•Able to work effectively under pressure and always looking for the next challenge
•Strong attention to details and craftsmanship, ensuring that all product provided to third parties has been fully vetted
•Strong ability to manage multiple projects and timelines
•An over-communicator, as you will need to ensure our Design and Operations teams meet all deadlines. This individual must be comfortable communicating timing to the larger team
•Self-starter, you see an issue with a product or packaging and you immediately fix the error and alert the team about the issue
•Proven ability to analyze and research the market and trends for a full understanding of product categories and competitive offerings.
•Comfortable bringing creative and innovative concepts to the team to help drive ideation process
•Excellent problem-solving skills and an ability to work independently with limited instruction
•Proficiency in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint is a must Experience with Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop) is preferred
•3-5 Years of Product Development experience required
•Experience producing products in a global supply chain preferred

This role would be responsible for:
•Assist with product development brainstorming and ideation
•Work directly with the design team assisting with all open product development projects, including the all tasks required to bring the product to market
•Assist with the development and organization of all basic technical file packages.
•This role is the subject matter expert at keeping product specifications up to date and accurate for communication with our manufacturing base
•Oversee the technical specification documentation and handle internal communication on behalf of design team to cross-functional partners
•Establish standards for technical specification documents and technical packets

Pre-Production Development - Operational
•Oversee the production work stream from start to finish Prepare weekly reports to keep the team well informed of the status of all upcoming programs
•Assist with the development and enforcement of approval processes using an excel based tracking system
•Closely monitor the development process and ensure schedule adherence to launch through all vendor and internal channels
•Ensure all supplier quotations and samples are completed on a timely basis for appropriate decision making to meet objectives

Market and Product Trend Analysis
•Assist with market and trend research, constantly monitoring the competitive landscape, finding new materials, manufacturing processes and design trends that may be of use to the design and operations teams
•Lead analysis determining if Packed Party’s prices are competitive on comparable products vs. competitors
•Develop products to achieve unmet consumer needs

Supplier Oversight
•Manage order execution and resolve product and production issues on a timely and proactive manner
•Monitor supplier performance to ensure it meets or exceeds Company KPIs Assist in research to expand Packed Party’s manufacturing base
•Assist in identifying the process and partners for PP to partner with to manufacture directly for Walmart.

Quality Control Management
•Visiting our distribution center and leading all quality control on incoming product
•Acting proactively to communicate with our internal team and manufacturers on any discrepancies of final product vs. final samples

Please send a PDF of your resume to


Packed Party is looking for a rockstar Graphic Designer to jump in the middle of our rapidly growing team here in Austin, Texas at the ground level!

• Work in partnership with our design team
• Direct photo shoots, photograph and edit images and assist in all things emailers, social media assets, website layout, images and design, marketing assets, you-name-it!
• Assist in product development from design concepts to mock-ups, art files, packaging, and tech packs
• Learn, uphold and embrace the Packed Party brand and how our graphics and products translate to our customers
• Be able to work in a team setting. Don’t be afraid to speak up and share your own ideas. Communication is key!
• Ensure you are able to see projects through start to finish. Conceptualize, construct ideas, visually layout concepts, and share with team
• Have the ability to work very quickly while still getting the job done efficiently
• Working closely with our ad agency on building still ads in different format sizes (video is a plus!)
• Marketing flyers, pop-up signage, retail merchandising help, etc.
• Provide new design insight, research, and inspiration to the design team. Take charge and look out for the trends we should be working towards.
• New products, social media story trends, physical mailers, we want to hear from you
• Be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done!
• You’re a real go-getter and want to see the end goal.

• Bachelor's degree in a related field
• Minimum 3+ year experience in design related field
• Proficient in Adobe Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere
• Strong communication skills, organization and detail oriented, ability to multi-task throughout the day
• Ability to see the big picture and take a step back to do at least one strategic task a day to help build the Packed Party brand in the long run
• Strong time management skills and willingness to go above and beyond to meet deadlines and produce work of the utmost quality and brand integrity. Details are the most important
• Thrive in a fast-paced environment, a master at pivoting and prioritizing

Preferred Skills
• Ability to use iPad ProCreate and Wacom devices is a plus
• Hand drawing is a must Ability to style and photograph still product and lifestyle images
• Klayvio and email campaign experience
• Shopify and e-commerce management experience

Please send a PDF of your portfolio including work that is relevant to the above job description to