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Miss Ya A Latte



Curious what's inside? Think things like a custom set of Miss Ya A Latte and Let's Get Buzzed stationery, a set of four matching coasters, two instant cold brew packets from Chameleon Cold Brew to have a coffee date with your bestie, homemade coffee dipper shortbread cookies from Joy Macarons, pink holographic Places to Be Party Throw journal, set of two All The Feels Drink Sleeves and of course our signature letterpress card stating what the party is, why it's being sent, and we sign it with your name to make it that much more personal!

Why send it?
Are you missing your bestie? Your confidant? Your everything? Yep, we’ve been there too. Long distance is the worst! Send this package to that friend you wish was right there with you doing whatever it is you’re doing. This party has everything you need to stay in touch or just say, i miss ya! 

  • 8" X 8" X 3"
  • Includes Letterpress Card Signed with Your Name
  • Signature Package Contains 6 Full-Sized Items
  • Delivered as Show in Navy Blue Packed Party Package