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Best Bebs Weekend

What's a Best Bebs Weekend? Let me just start by saying there's a chance you probably need one, so do yourself a favor and take five minutes to read this bad boy. A Best Bebs Weekend is just what it sounds like: a weekend getaway with your very best friend. Of course, with us being, well us, we had to make it our own with the Beb addition, but it's a weekend adventure none the less to somewhere you and your main beb have not been together.

Everyone needs a moment to relax and recharge and who better with than a best friend? Being around someone you're most comfortable with is simply good for the soul. This doesn't take explaining. Being a female entrepreneur in San Francisco can, at times, be quite lonely, so Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam and I were fast friends over a year ago when we met both eating lunch alone one day. Both having brands and always kind of working we were used to solo lunching and being heads-down, but our common ground of working hard and wanting to have fun laid a foundation for a great friendship.

After much deliberation we decided to go somewhere we both hadn't yet been. That somewhere was Palm Springs! Both Julia and I were so drawn to the city's bright colors and retro vibe. What was funny though was as we began researching our destination we were stunned by a lack of info and beautiful images of friends visiting there or places around the city that felt inspiring to us. This presented our idea to roll out the Best Bebs Weekend series and we contacted our friend, photographer Vero Suh to join us and capture our weekend! Packed Party is so much about celebrating the little things in life, your friends, and of course yourself, so giving you a peek into my own personal party and how I started the fun with a friend seemed fitting! My hopes are that our photos inspire you to throw your own Best Bebs Weekend or party, and pick up a few great places you might want to visit along the way. PS: Peep links to our clothes on Julia's blog (yes, she's the fashion guru, here)






Quick Snapshot: Palm Spring Best Bebs Weekend Must-Do's

Stay: The Saguaro or The Parker Palm Springs

Brunch: Normas (inside The Parker Hotel) Pro Party Girl Tip: Order the donuts!

Shop: Deja Vu Room Vintage Finery

Lunch: Viceroy Party Girl Pro Tip: Bring a swimsuit here to hang by the pool before lunch - it's intimate and fun!

Pool: The Saguaro Pool (shown above)

Dinner: El Jefe for mexican food/tacos!

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