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Leader Of The PACKED.

I can so perfectly remember beginning college. Sitting in the front seat of the hot car with my knees up, wrapping my brain around what it was I wanted, no - needed to do with my life. I'm a bit Type-A (captain obvious) and everything in my life had always been according to "plan", but I still remember rolling up to school for the first time, having declared "Public Relations" and thinking, "What is public relations, really?" I wasn't stressed about the lack of direction, I knew to steer clear of math, without my dad in shouting distance (small victories). Public Relations, seemed, well, simple enough right? I enjoyed writing and working with people, so at 18…this felt like the best path. Outside of my major when I first arrived at school I had my "ish" together if you will. I kept to myself for the most part, keeping a tight-knit group of friends, being involved in a few clubs on campus that of course directly pertained to my major, nothing crazy, I definitely could have been better. But I will say, I did have direction. I knew I wanted a killer internship (amen), and an even better job when I graduated, one that I was infinitely proud of. College is a bit scary in that way. You have 4 years to decide what it is you're going to do with your life. Which direction you'll take, and which path you'll carve for yourself. Would you be the girl on campus literally involved in every club that took functioning humans, or the girl who was essentially an extension of all of the frats, the one everyone could always count on to be at the bar til close, the one working herself over on Friday nights in the library, catering to a loser boyfriend…I could go on and on. Any of these girls ringing bells to you? Everyone takes different paths these 4 years (sometimes 5), but for the most part, we're all experiencing the same things. New friends, big decisions about courses, new love, heartache, you name it everyone is essentially dealing with it within a 10-mile radius, and you're all connected in a funny way. Why is it I'm looking back on college at the moment? Funny enough, college has come full circle for Packed Party recently and is officially in the vocabulary mix again with the launch of our Leader Of The Packed college brand ambassador program (yes, we say that with major excitement). When Packed Party began never in our wildest dreams would we have thought this company might grow and be able to take on individual women representing us on select campuses as leaders and story-tellers of our brand, but today we am so excited to announce this far off dream is something that is very real. Today we can tell you that we have selected an individual on the Princeton University campus that we believe best represents us with her confidence. She truly encompasses what we define as a "party girl" as she's unafraid to start her own party, and exudes kindness toward others. Women, like this one, are what we call Leader's of The Packed on campuses. Yes, Packed…not Pack! These women have clear direction about what it is they seek in life and want to help spread the word about starting the party in life each day with our brand. So who are you on campus? Are you the one dragging your friends away from the library? The one shutting the bar down? Are you connected beyond belief you social butterfly, you? Tell us who you are and your plans to be The Leader Of The Packed on your campus and hey, we may just pass you the mic and let you run with it. Email resumes & reasons to

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