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How To: Disco Drink Halloween Costume


Halloween is less than two weeks away, you guys! Where is time going?! 13 days from today marks the night you get to pull out all the creative stops in producing only the most epic Halloween costume ever. Okay, who are we kidding. We’re too exhausted to make anything over-the-top creative, but we did find the time to make a life-sized Disco Drink costume and we think it’s totally worth sharing! Thousands of you buy em’ every week so why not dress up as your favorite party cup?! Thank us when everyone’s trying to sip off your headband come midnight. Also, NO you may not crawl inside my SIP SIP YAY BOX! Ugh. Kidding. Just watch my purse :) 

Here’s the full how-to so you can make your very own this year!


  • Swissball (a big yoga ball) like this one will work at least 20 inches
  • Silver metallic spray paint
  • Silver metallic paper from any craft store
  • Mod Podge
  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Plastic headband
  • White yarn
  • Pink construction paper
  • Frisbee or any similar circular disc shaped object

STEP 1: Grab the Swissball, Mod Podge and newspaper

STEP 2: Tear newspaper into strips and put Mod Podge on the strips of paper as you start to cover the entire surface of the ball. Make sure to leave the top and bottom of the ball empty of Mod Podge and newspaper. You'll use this to get in and out of the ball! Let it dry for at least an hour and apply another entire layer of newspaper with Mod Podge until the ball feels thick. Let it dry for at least an hour between layers and even sometimes overnight depending on how much Mod Podge you use 

STEP 3: Once all layers of the Mod Podge newspaper on the ball have dried, spray paint the entire ball and frisbee (your Disco Drink lid) and let it dry for 2 hours

STEP 4: Start cutting out imperfect squares/rectangles of the metallic paper to cover the entire surface of the ball. This will take the most effort, so turn on some good music or a movie as you're cutting 

STEP 5: Take all cut-outs and start pasting each one with spray glue, we used this one, to adhere each individual piece in place. We recommend working in rows around the surface...and remember, it doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect! Halloween is fun after all and you’re wearing a DISCO BALL, hello. Repeat this same step for the lid too so it matches the ball

STEP 6: Hot glue the bottom of the frisbee (the side that doesn’t have any little mirrored pieces of paper on it) to the headband

STEP 7: Roll pink paper to make your straw and glue the long edges with hot glue. Cut out a circle that's a little bigger than the circumference of the straw bottom and hot glue the straw to the circle then hot glue the bottom of the straw to the top of the hat

STEP 8: Once the ball is fully mirrored, gently deflate the ball and pull it out of the top of the newly created Mod Podge sphere. Cut off stray pieces of newspaper or mirrored pieces and try to pull the disco ball over your head so it rests in the center of your body

STEP 9: Cut small holes in the front and back by your shoulders and tie yarn across both (similar to overalls) so that the ball will hang freely over your shoulders 

STEP 10: Put on your headband lid and get ready to party! You look GOOD, girl.

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