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Packed Party's BIG Move

SURPRISE! WE MOVED TO TEXAS! If you follow-us on social media you might have seen we made the big move to Austin a few short weeks ago! While we did do a super brief Q&A on our road trip down, I felt it was only fair to address the topic head-on here and let you guy’s know why we made the move and what’s in the works over here at (the new) Packed Party HQ…Texas edition!

I guess I should start by saying that Austin has always been in the back of my mind as somewhere I’d live and grow Packed Party. It’s not completely random, I promise. I’m originally from Texas as are a few of the women on our team so when we started to grow, like really really grow here in the last 6 months, I started thinking about better places we might be able to expand the way we wanted to.

Before I get too far into Texas let’s talk San Francisco. San Francisco is an amazing place. Scratch that, the most amazing place I’ve ever visited and been fortunate enough to have lived in. It’s inspiring being there. Hello, Packed Party was created in the middle of the night there! The energy and creativity in the city (as weird as this sounds) are truly contagious. Everyone there is hustling too, well, to be able to live there, ha. While we were in SF we moved offices twice to grow, got a warehouse in Chicago, and brought on a few more people, but still in looking at our product offerings and what we were really striving to build with Packed Party it didn’t make sense to keep spending money to be in (I hate saying this) the most expensive city in the country. Yeah. We were fine there, but I was tired of paying astronomical rent with nothing to show in return when we could have been spending on product for YOU guys. That’s why we’re doing this after all, it's for YOU! We’re a completely self-funded company, something that I’m more proud than ever to say at 3 years old. It would have been so easy to go raise money and give in to someone else’s vision for what Packed Party was early on when I started…and I never did it. Girl power moment, ha. But really though! We stayed lean and have been through our share of ups and downs, but we have done things our way and I think that’s important to do when you’re building something. That being said I’m not knocking raising money, it’s smart to do so when you need to, but for us it didn’t make sense when we started.

While my vision to spread the fun with our unique gifts hasn’t changed since we started, our products have. If you’ve been following us since the beginning you know this. Guys, we started out with only 5 packages and now have everything from drinkware, to duffle bags, beach towels, jewelry and coffee sleeves available on our website. Craziness, right!? Don’t get me wrong, it’s still not a ton, but in three years each of these items feels like such a huge step toward building out Packed Party as a lifestyle brand and not just another "package" business. We want to invest and build a place where all things that scream fun and p-a-r-t-y live. We’ve had so many amazing stepping stones to get where we are today. I remember when we all came into the office to learn our Disco Drinks had been on Kathie Lee & Hoda, or when Carrie Underwood wore our Doorstep Necklace, or wait scratch that, how we all cried when Reese Witherspoon’s team sent us a picture of her with her Packed Party package. Some of you sent us snaps or messages with the same reaction too which was so amazing to see you sharing in our joy. You should, it's your's too after all! There have been so many huge moments for us as a small start-up. All building blocks, but again all things that happened because of you guys spreading the word about this once tiny company that started off my bedroom floor when I was just 23 years old. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support and allowing us to do what we love everyday in spreading the fun with our gifts. I personally promise you we will continue to create happy and celebratory items that bring joy to you and others. K, now I’m tearing up.

We should probably flash-forward to now before I go full waterworks. We’re here, almost three weeks into being moved into our new headquarters in Texas and guess where we’ve landed ourselves!? A HOUSE! Yep, an entire house that we get to call our’s. We’ve named her the “Party Palace” and she’s cute ya’ll. Real cute. Austin is a really special city that has that same “weird” vibe as San Francisco. From a random pink house to murals or a life-sized lemon lemonade-stand to visit, this city just seems to fit the fun that is Packed Party with its peculiar little things. Here, our team can grow, our products can expand, and we can truly buckle down in building out Packed Party the way we want to.

We have so many amazing things coming this fall from game day tattoos…yes, you just heard us say that, and you’re gonna FLIP when you see what route we took on them, to a Fall Ball package we’re rolling out, and don’t forget the holidays too. All of these exciting things are taking up so much of our time it seemed a little crazy to keep moving offices around San Francisco for leg room when we could just call Austin home. Home is totally how it feels too! You Texas Party Girls have welcomed us with open arms! From random grocery store hugs (not kidding) to you guys emailing us must-visit places, we’re so appreciative for the love and we’re extremely excited to lay down our confetti filled roots here.

Thank you again for growing with us and loving this brand as much as we do. Each and every one of you encompass what it means to be a Party Girl with your confidence and kindness. You make our jobs fun. So fun we have had a handful of major retailers pick up the madness that is Packed Party. Keep your eyes peeled for our goods out there, friends and stay tuned for lots more as we continue to grow. The time is now for us!

All My Love + Confetti,


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