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Navigating the Clear Bag Rule with Style

Women Clear Stadium Purse Bag Football Cup

Were you, like us, scrambling to figure out how to still look cute with the Eras Tour Bag Policy, or worried about fitting all your must haves in a tiny wristlet for gameday? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!


Why the clear bag rule at stadiums?

As you might’ve noticed, a lot of stadiums started introducing clear bag rules to enhance security and make the lines move faster, since clear bags allow security teams to easily inspect items. Make sure to check the event or venue site before your next concert, comedy show, or sports game to see if you have to follow the clear bag policy!


What IS the stadium clear bag policy?

As cute as they may be, most arenas do not allow regular purses or backpacks. For most stadiums, you can bring a clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bag that is no larger than 12” x 6” x 12”. Small women’s clutch bags about the size of a hand are also allowed. Rules may vary by stadium so be sure to check your specific stadium venue for their rule so you don’t get turned away at the gate!


Choosing the Perfect Clear Bag

Stylish Clear Bags

Just because your bag has to be clear doesn’t mean it can’t be cute! Opt for a stadium-approved bag that is made to look and feel like a true purse with high-quality PVC, a cute strap, and luxe gold hardware (aka one you’ll be excited to use for multiple events!). Check out our Cooper Crossbody Stadium Approved Bag for the perfect bag that is stylish, high quality, and meets the regulations.


Customize It!

A little-known secret – you can put a pouch inside your clear stadium bag and get through most security lines (I mean, does anyone really need their tampons on full display?)! Accessorize your clear bag with a colorful pouch or show some team spirit with a confetti pouch in your team’s colors.  Further elevate your look with a colorful confetti strap to match your outfit or your team’s colors!



Now that you know the clear bag rules and our fave tricks to style them, there’s no reason you can’t showcase your team spirit and personal style at the next game or concert! Just make sure to grab a ticket for us, party girl!

Clear bags, clear hearts, can’t lose!

girl at stadium holding a clear bag and a can cooler

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