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Packed Party Turns 5!


Happy November! This month will always hold a special place in my heart having launched this brand (what feels like yesterday) five years ago November 7th. It’s true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun! To say I have had fun and learned more than I ever believed possible is such an understatement though. More to come on this over on our Podcast next week. For now though, I want to share how we’re celebrating five years and how you can get in on the fun too while we count down to November 7th!

Starting today we kicked off our birthday month with prosecco in our office and launching an online exclusive Winner Winner Prosecco Keychain on our site. Did you see it?! I’m obsessed! I always grew up saying “winner winner chicken dinner” and prosecco felt way more appropriate when we started saying it around the office after a few late nights, so well, we made it a keychain! This acrylic cutie is the perfect little “just because” gift to yourself or for someone else you want to celebrate. I love calling people “winners” and my friends make fun of me all the time for it– but, okay, try showing this keychain to someone and not having them crack a smile. Impossible!

Like I mentioned today through the 7th, the day we actually launched our website online, we’ll be walking through my journey on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Expect throwbacks like our first office, partnerships that put us on the map, highs, and even some at the all time lows (no, nothing is always rainbows my friends). This has been the ride of my life so to share some of our team’s biggest moments felt only appropriate for such a monumental birthday. Not only will we be sharing where we’ve been, but we also wanted you to get in on our birthday celebration with a special gift with purchase we’re doing on the 7th. Stay tuned to our Instagram and make sure you’re signed up for our email list for more on this because it’ll only be going down while supplies last. What? You thought we were going to party without you? Not a chance.

This brings me to the rest of my favorite month and those Holiday Light Cups so many of you have been asking about…don’t think I wasn’t going to address them. Yes, we’ve shared a few sneak peeks on our social pages, but we’ll be officially kicking off the Holidays on our website November 13th. Yep, mark your calendar for November 13th. This date will kick off a three day, yes, THREE DAY launch of on our website you’ve never seen before. Told you November was my favorite.

Thank you as always for your support, growing with us, patience, love, so many words I could use to describe the interactions and friendships I have made with so many of you across the country through this journey. Whether we have hugged or not you are important to me and what we are building here as we encourage people to celebrate the everyday with products and gifts that make life a party. My smile lines are because of you and I’m forever grateful for you allowing me the opportunity to do something I love so much with so many passionate people. Thank you and cheers to five years! Let’s have some prosecco.

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