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What To Get Your Bridesmaid's When It's All Been Done Before

You've seen it. The standard champagne bottle, the monogrammed robe, maybe a cookie, and a little confetti sprinkled in there next to your "Say I do" card all over your feed. "I said "YES!" to being @blahblahblah's bridesmaid!". We're not completely making fun of it all, hey, we're accepting the same gifts too when our friend's ask us. The real question is why do they have to be the same thing over and over again? Why should a bride on her biggest day be subject to a small selection of "bridesmaid-themed" options and uncreative ones at that? Friend to friend, we consider ourselves problem solvers so we've curated your new go-to for a few very not-all-the-same bridesmaid gift ideas that we're sending to our best bebs aka Bridesbabes!

A new twist on the overdone card and champs combo, you ask? Pack all your goods in our Confetti Bucket Bag. Yep, snag our Confetti Bucket Bag here and start building this bad boy out with party products like our Compliment ReelBridesbabes HeadbandLuggage Tag, Card Holders, you-name-it. If you're a more is more kinda beb then let's fill this bag UP! If you're of the less is more mindset; no worries we can keep it simple too!

Emotionally attached to that one item you found and want to include but we don't sell it? Dying to figure out how to include the hand-written novel your best beb has to have on your stationery? We'll include it! Yes, you read that right. We're now allowing you to include up to three outside items like a special card you want to personally write or that sentimental something that's gotta make the gift inside for a small $10.00 handling fee. Pretty simple, right?

Don't worry! We'll still do all the heavy lifting for you if you don't have any extra somethings to include or you fully trust us to handle your note like the hundreds we handle every day. We gotcha either way.

This is just a friendly PSA your bridesmaids' gifts should be equally as fun as you are and we can help with that!

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