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Pressure Makes Diamonds

Have you ever heard the saying, "pressure makes diamonds" somewhere along the way? Yes? Hi, my name is Jordan, I'm the founder of Packed Party, and I am currently making diamonds. They look a little like coal sometimes, but they're sure to be diamonds in time or with a bit of work. Kidding. I'm attempting to be metaphoric here. Okay, no really, everyone always uses this phrase and I've always understood what it meant (captain obvious), but I'd never felt the actual pressure to make something. Making my "diamonds" pressure for school, work, or whatever it was, was always based on my performance you know, maybe my attitude sprinkled in there too, but never an actual product produced by pressure.

I started Packed Party from love and creativity. No "pressure" from outside voices, just the spirit of gift giving and a party girl attitude. A year later hearing the phrase "pressure makes diamonds" strikes a different note for me though. I am here to tell you it's true, the pressure does, in fact, produce the diamonds. What no one tells you about the whole diamond thing is that the miner finding them is under loads of pressure keeping his head down at all times. He's probably in some sort of basic hard hat, for protection obviously, but I imagine him too having earplugs in, mining could be quite loud, right? Although this miner and I don't know each other we share a bond. I too wear a hard hat when I work on Packed Party. Sort of like a shield it protects my thoughts, creative spirit, and reminds me there's some serious crap that might fall on me, but it's worth the risk finding the reward. I too wear earplugs as a reminder to keep my head down and not listen to the riff-raff when I'm coming up with new and fun products. I can't worry about the competition because, well, if I worried about Packed Party's "competition" I'd lose sleep every day and could essentially pinpoint every "gift" out there as some form of competition. It's not though. Packed Party stands on its own because it's convenient, extremely thoughtful and personalized, holds the element of surprise, is the first of its list could go on and on, but hey, that's just why I believe it stands on its own. Maybe you do too for different reasons? I sure hope so.

Packed Party is makin' diamonds party people. I'm under a bit more "pressure" if you want to call it today than I was a year ago, but it's the good kind and has only made me push myself further to bring you the absolute most fun and creative packages out there. Diamonds are rare and a serious experience when you receive them, just like a Packed Party. Sidebar, future husband please don't be reading this. I truly believe the best things are made when the stakes are high. They're high. We've made them high and are working around the clock because I know every second I don't give toward my dream, someone else might be. Remember this when you're feeling a little overwhelmed because you have the ability to own whatever it is you're doing. Head down, ear plugs in to keep the noise out, little bidda presha and you too are makin' diamonds beb.



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