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The Gift Giver


Are you the coined gift giver of your friends? You know, the one who always plans the birthdays in your friend group not so you can drink the champagne, but so you can perfectly assemble the most fabulous gift? You can't help it, you're flipping creative and it's fun to bring your Pinterest board to life any chance you get.

Why do I ask? I'm that friend. Guilty. Hi, I'm Jordan and I love making gifts. Yep, I'm the annoying gift friend. What? You kinda hate me? Okay, fine you don't hate me, but a small part of you cringes every time one of our friend's birthdays rolls around because you know I'm bringing serious heat with my gift.

Let me explain bringing the heat in the gift arena further...Bringing the heat does NOT mean spending boat-loads of money, let's be real here, no one is able to afford designer gifts for their friends in their twenties. Bringing the heat when it comes to gifts means being the most thoughtful in whatever capacity you can. Say for instance you're a lipstick own every lipstick known to man if you will. Michael's Craft Store is just down the street, so what's keeping you from grabbing a big white canvas, sharing your lipsticks with your friends and having each of them kiss the canvas and sign their name? "Twenty-Five Kisses For Our Fave Ms." Easy right? Just takes a bit of creativity (or Pinterest) to guide you.

There's something so fun about assembling something creative for a friend and seeing their face when they receive it. The whole, "you did THIS for ME???" makes all those nights your friend listened to you whine about (insert annoying dude name like Derrick) not quite as annoying anymore. See, being the gift giver friend isn't so bad, right? Whether you're using it to pull yourself out of the mess you've created all year leading up to your friend's birthday, simply because you love crafting, or just seeing the joy it brings to your friend - being the gift giver pays off, party girls.

Do you have a birthday coming up for a friend? Someone you've been meaning to thank? I may or may not know a few ways to creative ways to say both! Just saying.

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