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The Doorstep Necklace

Knock Knock! The time has finally come to launch the special something we've been working on for so long now - The Doorstep Necklace! This one-of-a-kind delicate necklace is the first of its kind and we're so excited for it to finally hit that special step you call home. I wanted to share some background on this necklace as I think a few of you might resonate with my story and how we came up with this piece.

If you didn't know I started Packed Party off my bedroom floor in 2013 after moving to San Francisco and didn't know a soul. I was 23 years old, I was totally friendless in a brand new city and at a job I disliked. Sounds a little depressing, right? Ha! It wasn't that bad, but I did come home every day from work missing home, my family, and all my friends that felt so familiar. My doorstep I grew up with, like so many people, served as the setting for so many amazing memories. School dance photos, play date pick-ups, first days of school departures, or life chats with my dad always happened right there on the three steps leading to our home. When I started Packed Party I didn't fully realize the emphasis I was putting on starting the party at your doorstep, but as we grew I realized why I kept going back to "The Doorstep". Of course yes, our packages and fun arrive right to your doorstep as shown on our site for you to start the party, but it a doorstep is the first step you take to home. It's a place so many people keep closest to their hearts.

When Packed Party was created I knew we'd be doing more than just packages. Maybe no one else believed me in the beginning, but I always kind of had an idea we were meant to do more. Our goal? To create a community of Party Girls who empowered one another to start the party in life for themselves or someone else with fun and unique items that made someone's day. The Doorstep Necklace will totally do just that. We’ve spent so much time finding the most delicate and daintiest of chains to use, and going back and forth dozens of times on how we wanted everything on the door to look from the shape to the letter-pressed card it sits on. We had no real "rush" to create this necklace, I knew we were the first to do something like this, so I wanted it to be absolutely perfect.

Jewelry is so personal. When you ask someone about a piece they wear each day they'll most likely answer with a story of who it's from or a story of how they got it, never necessarily a designer. This was something I always took note of watching a lot of my friends talk about the pieces they wore each day. Even ones with the designer pieces never necessarily said it was from a designer, but who gave it to them or what it meant to them. Think about it! There's a chance you probably do the same.

The Doorstep Necklace is meant to do just that. Each hand-engraved number is carefully etched into each necklace to represent where you call home and what it means to you with a story or unique set of numbers. Kind of fun to think no two necklaces will be the same, right? Whether it's you and your husbands first apartment or home, your parents old house, or the first place you got to call yours, this necklace is for anyone who values home and wants to keep it closest to their heart.

My hope is that you wear the necklace proudly and tell your story to anyone who asks what your doorstep means to you. I think we live in such a busy world where it's easy to forget where you came from or the doorstep that grounds you, so it’s important to me to keep home closest to the heart. While I do value the numbers that decorate the doorstep of the home I grew up in, I knew I wanted my tiny maid's quarters apartment numbers on The Doorstep Necklace I’d wear to show where Packed Party began.

Stay tuned as we'll be starting a series featuring women (yes, YOU could be featured) on our blog showcasing Party Girls who wear The Doorstep Necklace and what their numbers mean to them! I’m confident you’ll like this series and hearing inspiring stories of numbers adorning so many confident and kind women’s necks. Tag us in your photos wearing The Doorstep Necklace on platforms like Instagram (we’re @packedparty) and we will reach out with a few quick questions on what your doorstep numbers mean and feature you on our blog! Thanks so much again for believing in us as we enter this next chapter of Packed Party! We're so incredibly excited to continue to grow and have a TON more we're bringing you this fall, so stick around because I can promise you'll like what you see.



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