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The Dream Job

Remember when you were in elementary school and your teacher asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up? Everyone’s “grown-up job” was posted in a little yellow star on the wall: ballet dancer, firefighter, doctor, chef. Personally? I wanted to be a horseback riding, dancing, Spice Girl extraordinaire. The job title of course didn’t exist, but hey, that didn’t discourage me! I was a mini Party Girl in the making; I knew dreaming big would pay off.

Fast forward fifteen years later, and we’re all pursuing that “grown-up career.” Maybe you’ve just landed your first big girl job, or you’re a couple years post-grad. Either way - you’re out there in the workforce, moving & shaking and doing big things! How close is your current job to that little, elementary school dream you had though? And honestly, what does it really mean to have a "dream job"?

I’ll admit, my current job isn’t quite what mini-me conjured up (I scaled down my title. a bit). But I can say that what I’m doing every day pushes me to be better and allows me to consistently learn and grow. So many people tell us that we have a “dream job” here at Packed Party. We’ll confess, our job is pretty fun. Our city is beautiful, our office holds regular dance parties, and we get to help girls across the world throw parties for themselves and their friends. All of that dreamy magic wouldn’t happen, however, if we didn’t hustle. We try to share sneak peeks of our daily grind on Instagram, but truth is - it isn’t always pizza parties and happy hours here at PP HQ! Like everyone else, we’re working long days and giving 110% at everything that comes our way. Because truthfully, that extra effort is what makes the “dreamy” part of our jobs just so much sweeter. We work hard so that when we do treat ourselves, we don’t feel guilty about it!

Maybe having the “dream job” isn’t sipping champagne and eating donuts all day (but if this does become a real thing, please let us know). Landing the perfect job is simply having the feeling on your walk to work everyday that you aren’t going to work. You know how the saying goes, “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” But it’s so true, Beb! I’ve realized that’s what mini-me thought her grown-up, “dream job” would be. Something that made me excited to wake-up every day, pushed me creatively, and allowed me to thrive. So here’s to finding that job that we’re over-the-top passionate about it! It may take a few tries to find it, but we know you’ll get there Party Girl. We just know it.

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