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The Ultimate Bachelorette Essentials

Alright, alright, alright! Since bachelorette season is fully upon us we thought it might be necessary to give you a one stop, no-fluff list of everything you'll need for the ultimate weekend celebrating any bride-to-be's last hurrah. Say sayonara to the cliche cowboy hat or sash and level up your bachelorette party with these favorites anyone and everyone is sure to love! Here's the list of must-haves:

If you're the MOH and you're planning to have gifts displayed when the gals arrive look no further than using this bag as a vessel to make a seriously big statement. Why use a lame basket or bag when this tote doubles as a pool bag she can use all weekend long and beyond, right? We're all about that dual functionality. Did we mention this one is super durable too?!

What to stuff inside though? There's the Advil, a critical water bottle, maybe a custom cookie or chip situation too, she's seen it all at this point if she's a seasoned bridesmaid. What hasn't she seen in one of these bachelorette party bags yet though? This can cooler wrapped around an ice cold white claw with a little tag coming off the top that says "You're ready to break the laws with some claws" this weekend. Okay, JK we got excited, don't break any laws, but the note is a nice touch, right? You can do the same thing with a Truly Seltzer and add a tag that says "Truly! Let's have the best weekend ever!".

So you've got your bag, you've carefully stuffed it with some crinkle paper, a chilled bev in the can cooler we mentioned, what else? Simple! Snag the bundle of these six pouches packed with confetti that'll make any bride feel like the weekend is a party. This bag is the perfect pouch she can use for anything and literally everything all weekend long, just like its name.

While it is important to cover functionality for any bachelorette party, it's equally important to bring the FUN! This Disco Drink we rolled out (and have celebs like Paris Hilton, Selena, and Lisa Vanderpump obsessed with) is the perfect something to set the tone for the weekend. This sipper holds 20 oz and has become a staple at any true bachelorette party. Did we mention it comes with a spill-proof stopper to prevent any unwanted mess hitting your party dress? This must-have can do no wrong and we should mention also comes in a bundled set too so when you buy more you can save for the group!

Anyone can plan a bachelorette weekend, but execution is critical and success is totally made in the details if you're asking us! Not only will the beach tote we mentioned set the tone when it's displayed (and seriously stocked), but it'll also let the whole group know how much they're cared for not only by the bride, but by you too, the hostess with the mostess!

If you're an overachiever we'd recommend sending a little "kick-off gift" to bachelorette guests like this duffle that everyone could pack for the trip, but we realize some of you may not be as extra as we are. If you ARE extra and you're doing the above tote, stuffing it with the essentials and doing said kick-off gift we applaud you. Consider yourself an expert level Party Girl and we'd like an invite to the bachelorette, pretty please?

Cheers and don't forget to tag us when you share your bachelorette gifts and all the weekend fun - we can't wait to see how you party!

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