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Not All Diet Cokes Are Created Equal

Can we get something off our chest for a minute?

Not all diet cokes are created equal y’all. As this early June heat sneaks in, nothing puts some extra pep in our steps like a crisp, cold, life changing Diet Coke. No really though. When we brought up our fave soda in our all-hands meeting at HQ the other day - a debate was sparked! Which version of Diet Coke is truly the BEST? Here’s our scientific breakdown of all the reigning DC’s and why: 

The movie theater DC. She’s bubbly, she’s ice-cold, and she is HUGE. We love her… even if she costs wayyy more than your average cola. Plus there’s a chance she came from one of those cool coke machines that let you add flavor shots too which we’re here for ~diet cherry vanilla don’t mind if we do~

Alright, next up and you knew we had to. A cold Mickey D’s diet coke. You know MD gives the movie theater a run for its money. We don’t know if they’ve got a secret recipe or if their carbonation levels are just naturally on fleek, but a soda with Golden Arches is guaranteed to be the bubbliest and will make your face (in the best way).

Packed Party's Confetti Slim Can Cooler

Can we get a little love for our loyal and true cans?? The crisp crack of a can straight from a cooler is music to our ears. Is there science behind why plastic bottles just don’t have the same magic? We don’t know and we don’t care. Find us slipping our koozies on the silver bullets of heaven and sipping’ pretty.

And last, but not least ladies, since you know we’re keeping up with alll the hip new trends around here you know we saw Olivia Rodrigo’s *dirty* Diet Coke. Did you see this? Leaving it out of any kind of breakdown about our fave bubbly bev would be a sin. You know we whipped ‘em up and passed them out around the office in these (cups) and let us tell you…they were a HIT.

So there you have it. While not all diet cokes are created equally they all bring their own uniqueness and pros. How are you sipping pretty this summer and what side of the table would you have been on if you were at HQ discussing with us? We wanna know!

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