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Valentine's Day Has Zero To Do With Romance


There, we said it. Valentine's Day means two things to us around here if we're being totally honest (okay, maybe a few extras we'll cover here too). It means 1) treating yourself, yes, hello self care, and 2) your girlfriends. Sure, yes, it's fun celebrating the big day with your significant other too, but can we all agree they never get it right like your best friend does? Better yet they have no idea about that coveted Reformation dress you've been eyeing for weeks either or that you may or may not shamelessly love those disgusting chalky candy hearts you grew up eating - they just don't. Let's spare ourselves the let down this year and agree Valentine's Day is all about you and your best beb. Here are a few ways we reco doing both this Valentine's Day below:
While the words "self love" sometimes make people's minds go to spa day, showing yourself any kind of love doesn't actually have to cost you much money if any at all. Show yourself love by wearing that over-the-top pink and red shirt in the back of your closet. Yes, you know the loud one that draws a little extra attention your way. Why not let the compliments roll in? Oh, and while you're at it go ahead and reach for the candy too. This whole holiday is about being sweet so why not splurge a little on you too? Take a little extra time to shower, pay a little extra for the longer scalp massage, get that disco ball shaped bag you saw on Instagram and feel that love because no one knows you better than you.
Of course, well, there's your best friend too. We'd say she knows you pretty well. Why not go the extra mile for the one who's been there through it all. The one who's actually telling you what your good side is and sends you those super cute middle school polaroids you took on your birthday every year. This beb deserves a medal for putting up with you, better yet flowers, an over the top gift, and some kind of Galentine's Day date. Did we mention we're throwing an event for the occasion (yep, Galentine's Day is technically Feb. 13th) in Austin at Pool Burger if you want to come with her!

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