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5 Things To Carry Into Spring

Spring's just around the corner, Party Girls! I know, I know, it may not totally feel like Spring with chilly temps, but this year we're taking the whole Spring thing on as a mindset too. No better time for fresh starts than with fresh air, sunshine, and flowers in bloom around us, right? We caught up around HQ with our team and compiled the below five things everyone here is carrying into a brand new month that's around the corner.
1) The word "YES!". Yeah, yeah, we know we're always pro team no plans, but coming out of winter it's your duty as a human to give some more "yes" to yourself. Say yes to the coffee date you've been avoiding. What could it hurt? The workout class you've been dreading. Yep. Volunteering. You know you always feel ah-mazing afterwards. Say yes to something new and watch your spirit lift light years. Seriously, carry the word yes into March and feel a difference.
2) Fresh Pair Of Kicks! Whether you're into working out or just straight up taking a walk invest in some brand new fresh tennis shoes for a new season. Might we reco a new brand too while you're at it? A few of us hit up Fleet Feet in Austin to pamper our precious feets and get "officially" sized and we were surprised to find out what kind of support we were lacking in our favorite old pair.
3) Thank you, not sorry! The next time you want to panic internally for being late and scream sorry 10x when you finally arrive somewhere stop yourself. Please. Saying sorry leaves you carrying guilt and makes everyone else exhausted forgiving you awkwardly as you storm in 2 minutes past. Yes, of course, there are times to say sorry, but try carrying a new phrase into Spring and saying "Thank You" instead to someone. Instead of "I'm sorry I'm so late" say "Thank you for understanding! What did I miss" with a smile on your face? Those who matter won't mind.
4) The Solo Date. When's the last time you took yourself on a date? Ever? If you're a regular solo-diner take yourself to that new taco place you've been wanting to try and grab a prime seat at the bar. If you're not one for dining solo how about giving it a try this Spring? Our office is 50/50 on the whole alone dining experience and we challenged those who weren't down for it to give it a try this Spring. Bring a journal or a book and curl up with your own thoughts. What can it hurt? You may find out you love it.
5) Take A Week. This Spring challenge yourself to give up one thing for a week. Doesn't have to be as intense as giving up bread (the horror), maybe something like giving up your Instagram for a week to disconnect. If you're not addicted to the Gram like us maybe send one little something or gift a day to a old friend for a week. You'll have a blast plotting your surprises plus it's always so fun gifting friends. Whatever it is, be intentional about what you're doing or rather not doing for a week and stick to it. Showing self-discipline opens up a whole new world for change and a  fresh start.

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