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I've never been great with secrets. Little and personal secrets, sure, yes, but big secrets like surprise parties, gifts, and new products have always killed me not to share. This being said, I've been keeping a major secret from all of you. Sorry! I've hated it too. More difficult than keeping a secret was not sharing my excitement for what I'm about to share. Deep breaths, here goes! Should I put it in caps? K, I'M GOING FOR IT! WE PARTNERED WITH WHOLE FOODS MARKET STORES NATIONWIDE TO TAKE OVER THEIR PARTY AISLES, Y'ALL! It's totally true.

I just typed that sentence out and it feels like I opened up a massive box of butterflies I've been keeping closely to my chest for a year if I am totally honest. I'm so incredibly excited to spill the tea that we not only designed an entire line of party supplies like plates, cups, napkins, confetti, and more, but also that we partnered with one of my favorite local Austin, TX based companies, Whole Foods, to do it. 

When I started Packed Party six years ago I was always asked if we made actual party supplies to which I replied, "no, no it's actual products like cups, bags, tech accessories and things that make life a party with their bright colors and experiential elements." Yeah, yeah, a mouthful I know, but I was so hell-bent on changing the meaning of party from a physical party you throw with plates to simply choosing to make your life a party with fun products that screamed fun and happy. While there's a lot I've done wrong on this wild ride that's Packed Party I do feel like we accomplished this mission, and about a year and a half ago while standing at Whole Foods it hit me I had a whole new challenge I wanted to take on: party supplies. 

I was standing in their "hot and ready" line as one single girl does fully prepared to take my 4 piece dish back to my couch when I remembered I was having a few friends over and needed to last-minute pick-up some cute plates and cups. I ventured over to the party aisle and it, no joke, hit me like a ton of bricks I needed to be there. You all had been asking us for true party supplies since I had started the company, half the people who heard my company's name for the first time tilted their head and said, "oh like party supplies?" so why would I be in this space too? It felt fairly simple enough.

Getting into Whole Foods though was a whole new level of work though. I'm not here to sugar-coat this or anything about building a business. It was a lot of hard work, finding the right people, convincing the right people, then a few more of the right people, a lot of back to the drawing board, samples, hires, more samples, more hires, a new warehouse to hold said samples, and everything in-between. Through all these moments though I can honestly say I have never had more fun and learned more in my entire life. 

Packed Party of course has been in national retails for some time now you all have fun finding us in, but a whole new category of products, and a whole new partner with way more stores? This was a big learning curve! A word to the wise when taking on any big project - focus on what you're good at and nail that. For me, it was the designs from this collection. I knew at the core I wanted the entire collection to be experiential in that customers aka YOU my friends could take one product and mix and match it with another. You see, I took the same red in one plate, and stuck it in another, the same blue, pink, so on and so forth. While they're all different designs they all can be pieced together to create your very own Packed Party. How cool is that!? Something we designed, but you, yes you, can make into your very own personal party whether it's a girl's night, baby shower, birthday, or anything in between. 

A little more about the collection - there are 20+ products from confetti to cake napkins, dinner napkins, cupcake kits, cups, and everything in between. Where can you find 'em? Easy! Your local Whole Foods! They'll be on spinners inside smaller stores and in some stores up to 12-feet stocked with party. Pretty crazy, right? It certainly feels this way for my team and I.

I mentioned you creating your own "Packed Party" with this line and I want to reiterate just how special it is for me and our team to see how you use our products in your everyday life. Seeing your #PackedParty tags on platforms like Instagram or the photos you all email of yourselves to us using your products make my day. I check all of them each day here. I love them and am so incredibly grateful for them. My hope is with this new line you truly can infuse into your everyday life in a whole new way brings our brand to an even larger audience of women, men, kids, and even party pups you might want to celebrate. 

Cheers to a whole new way of partying!
PS: Find a Whole Foods Market Store that carries the line close to you here with this handy mapper we made on our site

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