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Firework-Worthy Cheeseboard Tips For The 4th

Packed Party Fourth of July Summer Sale

We don't know about you, but we're feeling all kindsa 4th ready over here. Something about the heat mixed in with the slow trickle of OOO emails has us feeling quite literally like fireworks. We'd be lying though if we said it was only our friends we were looking forward to seeing for the holiday...yep, it's the other F word too. The F-O-O-D! Is there actually a better day to pig out than the 4th? From loaded brats to hotdogs, gallons of watermelon, fun bevs, and everything in between we're already reminding ourselves it's a marathon, not a sprint baby.

So now that you have some idea of where our heads are at heading into the long holiday weekend you can understand why we thought it was important we shared only THE cutest cheeseboard idea ever that's not only 1) super easy but 2) makes you look like the freaking pro adult hostess you are. Fake it til you make it, right?! Whether you're hosting a fun night (or weekend) poolside, lakeside, beachside, wherever - this cheese board how-to will have everyone asking "who the heck made this!?" and you feelin' like the queen of snacks!
How-To Make The Perfect 4th Cheeseboard
You'll Need:
A lightweight acrylic tray to display your masterpiece
1 Star Cookie Cutter
1 Bag Grapes...we suggest cotton candy for something fun and different
1 Block Colby Jack
1 Block Gouda
1 Pack Blueberries..because we're going with the theme
1 Pack Strawberries...again, gotta love a theme
1 Box Crackers of your choice
Extras For Flair: Add fun oversized drink umbrellas to make festive drinks or desserts!
1) Pick your background art on this acrylic tray that best matches how you're feeling or what goes best with the theme of your party - these come with the tray so you can always change it up!
2) On a cutting board lay out both cheese blocks and use a sharp knife to slice 2 inch slices of cheese evenly for you to proportionally cut your cheese with your star shaped cookie cutter. Once this is done set cheese aside
3) Wash berries and grapes and start from one corner and build build build from there
4) Mix in star shaped cheese pieces on top of and around fruit similar to our photo
5) Add crackers
6) Serve it up and shine like a firework, beb!

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