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10 Things We Learned From Mom

Mother's Day 2019

Mom knows best, y'all! No, really. Mom's always have your back, and the answer you're probably looking (or not looking) for. You do know Packed Party was born in the middle of the night when our Founder Jordan's mom told her to go to bed after she was having a Pity Party for herself, right? Yep! That's a whole other story you can hear about here if you're not familiar already.

In honor of Mother's Day May 12th we thought we'd share 10 important lessons our team has learned from our leading ladies that mean the most to us:
1) Kill 'em with confidence. Chin up, smile on, because confidence is always your best accessory.
2) Nothing good happens after're not missing a damn thing.
3) Don't quit anything you start.
4) Run a brush through your never know who you're going to run into!
5) Budgeting isn't half bad - especially towards the end of the month.
6) Other people's opinions of you don't have anything to do with you, they're their's so let it be their problem and move on with a smile. 
7) Don't text him. You'll regret it every time.
8) You'll feel 100x better when you work out even if it's just going for a walk.
9) Dessert for dinner is probably a bad idea...but we're still doing it.
10) Move to a new city and start over - you're never too old to begin again!
Any of these sound familiar, beb? Can't go wrong when you're listening to your mom, we're tellin' ya. What are you doing to celebrate the big day this year with your mom? Whatcha gifting her? Tell us in the comments below and use the code BESTMOM for 20% OFF all Mother's Day products on our site now through May 12th.

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